Sweet Excess at Twohey’s

“All You Can Eat” rib special is ending this weekend. Do what you need to do, peeps
Published on Feb 8, 2024

Full disclosure: we’ve had a soft spot in our hearts for Twohey’s for a long time, even before they moved to South Pasadena. In fact, when we featured them for Cheeseburger Week, we actually ended up eating three of their cheeseburgers with an invitation to return for their “All You Can Eat” rib special.

We were a little late on that invitation, but we recently visited there to partake of the ribs, in all their glory. 

Twohey’s serves their ribs as either beef or pork, and you get your choice of coleslaw or french fries. Personally, when I am elected to national office, Cole Slaw is the first law I will repeal. 

But those french fries? I mean, just look at them. Long and puffy and crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. like french fries were designed to be.

But let’s talk ribs. We opted for the beef ribs, which were like small axes; seriously hefty slabs of meat that slipped off the bone, and onto the plate, and onto your fork and into a hungry person. That would be me.

The eatery also offers a choice of sauces – a mild one, and  something called Carolina sauce, which was a little spicier, and then one which is I believe like Shirachi. We chose the mild one because it was going to be a long day.

But it kind of didn’t matter which sauce you chose because it’s all about the beef. Theirs is exquisitely flavored, nicely charred, with perhaps a little too much fat marbling, but we’re OK with that, usually.

We actually managed to polish off the first plate offering, even though this meal is “all you can eat.“ We couldn’t do it, but we heard from our server that many people go through this meal three times.  That’s on them, friends.

Naturally, we could not dine at Touhy’s without the mandatory chocolate sundae. We had the small, which is large, of course. And sinfully delicious.

Here’s the thing, diners. Go now.  Put your phone down and go eat there right now. Because this deal ends this weekend. 

Go now. Yum.

Twohey’s is at 424 Fair Oaks Avenue. South Pasadena, CA 91030. (626) 284–7387.

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