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Take Some Time for Socially-Distanced Tai-Chi in the Park This Weekend

Published on Jan 21, 2021

Once in a while, everyone needs to check-in with their natural balance of life energy.

On Sunday, January 24, Arthur King, Center Manager at Body and Brain Yoga Tai-Chi in Pasadena, will lead a one-hour Tai-Chi in the Park, where you can try exercises that emphasize energy circulation, breathing, and balance, along with mindfulness and concentration.

There are no fees to join this one-time online class, but donations are certainly welcome. Body and Brain Yoga Tai-Chi also offers online group classes for one week with a $10 membership fee. Classes are one hour daily.

Since ancient times, people have noticed that nature tends to find balance, and they’ve developed methods to tap into this natural energy phenomenon. Many of these energy practices, like Qigong and various healing martial arts, are actually forms of Tai Chi.

Tai Chi exercises emphasize energy circulation, breathing and balance, along with mindfulness and concentration. You can practice these exercises while standing, seated or even while lying down. Over time, by practicing Tai Chi, you can develop a heightened awareness of your own energy.

Many people report feeling physically stronger and lighter, with emotions more calm and mind more clear after Tai-Chi. The practice is recommended for overall wellness since it can help with balance, alignment, and stress reduction. Tai Chi exercises can also serve as a form of meditation. Tai Chi energy-balancing exercises are great for people of all ages, and can be adapted for your own condition.

With regular Tai-Chi, you may experience less stress, an improved mood, increased energy and stamina, reduced chronic pain, improved sleep, improved flexibility, balance and agility, and improved muscle strength and definition.

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