Taking the Cake

Duff’s Cake Mix offers fun cake indulgence for the whole family
By EDDIE RIVERA, Weekendr Editor
Published on Mar 5, 2020
Image Courtesy Duff’s Cakemix Facebook

Who doesn’t love cake? The magic of milk, eggs, sugar and flour has delighted the known world and every culture, since the first cave dweller accidentally dropped those ingredients into a stone bowl, and left it out in the sun. Or something like that.

Fast forward through the centuries, to 2020 and a gleaming storefront near the corner of Delacey and Green Street in Old Pasadena. Alex Hernandez, manager of the Duff’s Cake Mix shop, is telling the story, as she lays out the ingredients for a new cake for us to decorate.

“I was a big “Duff (Jeffrey Adam “Duff” Goldman)” fan since I was a kid. He used to do a show called ‘Ace of Cakes,’” and I watched it all the time.” The Pasadena shop is the latest incarnation of the CakeMix shop, which first opened in West Hollywood. Working at the shop is a bit like having her cake and decorating it, too.

And how many cakes has she decorated since coming to Duff’s?

“I’ve lost count,” she laughs.

The basic idea at Duff’s CakeMix is simple: bring a friend, or a few friends. Or your little one(s). Pick out a cake. Pick a theme. Grab a seat. Decorate.

You’ll get a cake ready to be decorated, an assortment of frostings, some plastic gloves and simple tools and simple instructions. Then, you’re off. Or on, as the case may be. 

The decorating session takes about an hour, and you leave with a pretty impressive gift, or a really dangerous dessert. There are about a dozen themes to choose from, all with instructions, or you can try out your own ideas. 

For the really indulgent, Duff’s also has a small wine bar area, for mom and dad, while the kiddles decorate the SpongeBob cake. Cake and wine. We don’t judge. It’s your weekend. 

Duff’s CakeMix is at 165 S De Lacey Ave, Pasadena. (626) 249-0500. www.duffscakemix.com

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