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The Enchanting Janet Klein Beckons With Obscure, Naughty, and Lovely Musicmaking

Published on Jun 23, 2022

The enchanting and effervescent chanteuse Janet Klein will be at the Coffee Gallery Backstage in Altadena on Friday, June 24, to perform obscure, naughty, and lovely tunes from the 1910s, 20s, and 30s, joined by her LA-based band, The Parlor Boys.

The music begins at 8 p.m.

Janet Klein and The Parlor Boys – John Reynolds, Marquis Howell, Corey Gemme, Randy Woltz, Ian Whitcomb, Benny Brydern, among others – will treat you to spirited and inspired renditions of Tin Pan Alley, early hot jazz, vaudeville, and Yiddish novelty tunes, ragtime, and other rare and rustic gems.

“This is a super show, a real show, enchanting, cute, musical, funny, and historical,” Coffee Gallery Backstage owner Bob Stane said. “Everyone loves Janet and her amazing band.”

For Klein and The Parlor Boys, this is a long-awaited return to the Coffee Gallery Backstage.

For tickets, call (626) 798-6236 or visit

The Coffee Gallery Backstage is at 2029 N. Lake Ave.

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