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More Monsters Galore Sunday at Monsterpalooza

The monsterfest features over 450 exhibitors all weekend at the Pasadena Convention Center
Published on Jun 3, 2023

Monsterpalooza, which celebrates the art of monsters and movie magic returns to the Pasadena Convention Center this weekend.

Through Sunday the event brings over 450 exhibitors, make up demos, actors from iconic movies and a museum with incredible monstrous displays.

Stan Winston School of Character Arts, a premier online destination for learning the art and technology of character creation from Hollywood’s leading artists, is one of the participants.

“We pride ourselves on having an interactive and fun booth,” said Stan Winston School of Character Arts co-founder Matt Winston.

Winston said their booth features creature sculpting contests and prosthetic makeup demos by two Oscar-winning makeup artists Steve La Porte and Ve Neill.

“They are going to be doing a ‘Terminator’ makeup demonstration and an ‘Edward Scissorhands’ makeup demonstration,” Winston added.

Winston said they will be selling at the booth the school’s course content as well as Stan Winston School’s merchandise like hats and shirts.

In addition to the mentioned offerings, Stan Winston School will have interactive special effects props that people can play with, like the “radio controlled terminator head” and the “animatronic eyes.”

Winston said Stan Winston School has prepared months in advance for the upcoming event.

“There are two things that I most look forward to about Monsterpalooza. Number one is it gives us all a chance to meet our students. Since we are a 100% online school, we don’t often have that opportunity.” 

“And it’s just wonderful to meet these young artists and to hear how much our school has helped them take their art to a new level. It’s always very satisfying and it helps us see that what we’re doing is having an impact.”

The event is also a reunion for his family. He is the son of special effects artist Stan Winston, best known for his work in the “Terminator” series, the first three “Jurassic Park” films and “Iron Man.” 

“For all of us in the Winston family, it’s a wonderful family reunion with people that my father worked with over many decades of his career.”

For more information about Stan Winston School, visit:

Sculptor and makeup artist Lee Joyner, owner and director of Legends Makeup Academy, which provides makeup instruction to aspiring and working makeup artists, will also participate at the upcoming Monsterpalooza.

Joyner, who has worked on several films including “Star Trek: Beyond” as well as “Mimic and the ’98 Godzilla,” will be sculpting at the Legends Makeup Academy booth where he will also entertain some of the attendees.

“I’ll be in the booth talking to all kinds of fans of makeup and special effects and that are thinking about maybe attending Legends Makeup Academy.”

Legends Makeup Academy will partner with StanWinston School of Character Art in doing the “Terminator” and “Edward Scissorhands” makeup demonstration.

Aside from being director of Legends Makeup Academy, Joyner also owns Joyner Studio.

“I’ve had Joyner Studio for a very long time. It’s just a place for me to showcase my own art for gallery work as well as for private sales and commissions,” he said.

Joyner established Legends Makeup Academy together with makeup artists Ve Neill and Paul Esper about two years ago. “We decided it was time to create a makeup school that could fill the gap for what was missing out there in makeup education,” said Joyner.

Just like Winston, Joyner is looking forward to seeing many of his colleagues at the event. 

“I just love going because sometimes I don’t see a lot of my friends in the industry until Monsterpalooza.” 

“So I love walking around and seeing their work and being inspired by them and then catching up with graduates of mine that have been busy or friends in the industry and other artists.”

Some of Joyner’s works will be exhibited and sold during the event.

More information about the Legends Makeup Academy and Joyner Studio can be found here:

To get tickets and more information on Monsterpalooza, visit the link:  or contact

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