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Meet a man who family traditions elevates the art of the hand made rug
Published on May 15, 2023

Mehmet Bozatli is the proud heir to a family legacy of handcrafted rugs that have been passed down through generations. The Bozatli family is passionate about preserving the time-honored tradition of rug weaving and supporting the skilled artisans who have kept it alive for centuries. Mehmet has inherited a deep appreciation for the art of traditional rug making.

Surrounded by beautiful rugs of all colors and patterns, Mehmet feels a deep sense of gratitude for the traditions that had been passed down to him. He knows that each rug was more than just a beautiful piece of art; it is a symbol of culture and heritage.

In a world that is fast-changing, machines make it possible to mass-produce rugs quickly and cheaply. But the art of hand-crafted rug making is something that can never be truly replicated by robots.

For Mehmet, the art of rug making is a way of life. Which is why you need to get to know him.

His passion can elevate your home when you need a rug or carpet.

In a recent interview with Pasadena Now, Bozatli shared how his father founded Rugpublic in Seattle in 1981, and how he and his father continue to travel abroad to select extraordinary rugs for their business.

What sets Rugpublic apart from most other stores is the family personally sources all of their rugs directly from the weavers, bypassing middlemen. This keeps prices more affordable.

Bozatli explained that they take great care to source their rugs from the most talented craftsmen in the world, ensuring that their collection represents the best of the best.

One of Rugpublic’s key strengths is the way they curate their collection. The Bozatli family handpicks each rug they sell, often working directly with weavers and workshops to create exclusive designs that cannot be found elsewhere.

They take pride in designing rugs with special colors and unique patterns that are in demand in different cities and states. Rugpublic has been serving California since 2011 and opened a store in Los Angeles in 2014.

Rugpublic’s selection is characterized by three popular styles. The Kazak, a vibrant and geometric design from Afghanistan, is known for its bold colors and playful patterns. The Heriz, a traditional rug from Iran, features medallion designs with a tribal flair. The Beni Ourain from Morocco, a shaggy white rug with black geometric designs, is also popular due to its high-quality wool and on-trend design.

In essence, Rugpublic is a singular rug store that prioritizes handcrafted rugs sourced directly from the weavers in India, Pakistan, Turkey, and Afghanistan. Their handpicked collection and exclusive designs make them very unusual, as does their dedication to providing affordable prices.

Bozatli encourages those in search of a timeless rug to opt for traditional patterns, which tend to have a timeless quality and can be a part of a home’s décor for many years. He advises that customers consider size and color carefully when choosing a rug to ensure that it works with their existing furniture and room layout.

At Rugpublic, customers can also find top-quality rugs made primarily from wool and bamboo silk fiber, as well as machine-woven rugs made from a range of materials such as viscose, acrylic, rayon, polyester, nylon mixed with wool. Customization options are also available, allowing customers to create a truly unique rug that fits their exact specifications.

With a commitment to quality, tradition, and affordability, Rugpublic is a destination for those seeking exceptional rugs that will last a lifetime.

Visit Rugpublic at 2131 Verdugo Blvd. in La Crescenta-Montrose or call Mehmet Bozatli at (818) 330-9977.

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