Transform Your Home for Higher Offers with Staging Services

Published on Mar 1, 2023

Daniel Coffman + Jacen Crehan

Staging a home is all about making it look its best to potential buyers. And for those who do it professionally, like Jacen Crehan and Daniel Coffman, co-founders of Staged Spaces, it’s a labor of love.

Since 2014, the pair have worked helping homeowners improve the look of their homes for resale by providing homeowners and Realtors with cohesive furniture and decor that makes the home look more attractive to potential buyers.

(It doesn’t hurt that Jacen is a Realtor himself.)

The team at Staged Spaces understands that a home with mismatched furniture and art can be a huge turn-off for buyers. That’s why they come in and design a cohesive look for each room that they stage. They also try to outfit a home so that all the decor, artwork, and even plantings, ‘speak to each other.’

The longer potential buyers stay and roam in a home, the better it is for higher offers, and that’s a key reason why staging a home is so important.

The staging process is customized based on the client’s needs. Staged Spaces typically comes in and looks at the space first to see if it needs any preparation. Starting with an empty vacant room is best, but not always a realistic possibility. Crehan and Coffman can work with the client to stage partially furnished spaces too.

The pair said they understand that every home is different, and they take great care in making sure that each home is staged to look its best.

The most common challenge that Staged Spaces encounters when working with clients is resistance from Realtors or homeowners who don’t want to commit fully to the staging process. Many people want to stage just half of their home, while others only want a simple walk-through to provide expert recommendations. However, the team at Staged Spaces recommends that staging the entire home, even the empty spaces, is the best way to ensure that the finished product looks the best, has the most cohesive look, and will attract the most potential buyers.

For more, contact Jacen and Daniel here.

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