Vegan Mattresses?

New mattress store in Pasadena promotes a more sustainable sleep
By EDDIE RIVERA, Weekendr Editor
Published on Nov 8, 2021

I simply had to ask myself: “Vegan mattresses?”

“Of course,” said Joanna Harrison, director of interior design for the Avocado Green Mattress store, which recently opened in Old Pasadena. “A vegan mattress would not have any animal products, so it would have no wool,” she explained.

According to the company’s website, the wool is replaced by vegan-certified, PETA-approved cotton.

That  would naturally go along with the store’s commitment to sustainability in all its products, from mattresses to pillows, to bedding and sleepwear.

As Harrison explained, “We source all of our own materials through our own relationships that we’ve made. For example, we have herds in India where we source our wool, and we source natural latex in India in various locations, and same thing with our cotton. All of our other raw materials are all organic and sustainably produced.”

Avocado mattresses are designed in Hoboken, New Jersey, says Harrison, and actually made in a factory in Fullerton, California, with certified organic, natural, and non-toxic materials.

“Our mission is to be the most respected source for organic and natural mattresses, pillows, and bedding at affordable prices — while maintaining environmentally conscious, ethical, and sustainable business practices across our entire supply chain — to help safeguard your health and protect our planet,” boasts  the website.

Avocado also makes  all of its bed frames and nightstands in its own wood shop.

“It’s all designed and produced in-house,” Harrison said.

There are also adjustable bases as well as hybrid and all-latex mattresses, along with the aforementioned Vegan beds.  Adjustable king and queen beds feature independent sides so that if one sleeper wants to sit up in bed and read or watch TV, the partner sleeper can lay his or her own side of the mattress down flat and say good night for the evening.

The store also sells its own organic range of sheets, mattress toppers and pillows as well as a limited range of hand-made bedroom furniture to accompany its hand-made beds, along with a new range of comfy women’s sleepwear, called Hass.

Need organic bathroom furnishings? There are towels, towel racks and bath robes, all designed and created from the idea of sustainability.

Sustainable sleep? Why, yes, says Harrison, who explained, “I think people that are interested in wellness, and  interested in being kinder to the planet, they’re being more thoughtful and mindful about their purchases, and what they bring into their homes, making sure they have a healthy lifestyle that’s  right in line with their beliefs.”

As for Harrison herself, who sleeps on an Avocado bed every night, she says she has never slept better. And she would know.

“Speaking  for myself,” she told us, “I can’t say enough about how wonderful they are.”

And who couldn’t use a better night’s sleep?

The Avocado Mattress Pasadena Experience is at 87 W. Colorado Blvd, Pasadena, CA.

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