Virtual Coffee Meet Up this Friday To Discuss Opportunities for Entrepreneurs in Blue Economy

Published on Mar 31, 2022

Jim Cooper, Co-Founder of Braid Theory. [Courtesy photo]

All economic activities related to oceans are part of the so-called blue economy and this supports over two million jobs and contributes $400 billion to the United States’ Gross Domestic Product.  


The blue economy is divided into two components: things that go into the ocean, and things that come out, explained Jim Cooper, Co-Founder of Braid Theory who will be featured in Innovate Pasadena’s Virtual Coffee Meet up on April 1 with Co-Founder Ann Carpenter. 


According to Cooper, the blue economy comprises a range of economic sectors which include port, shipping, fisheries, tourism, shipbuilding, coastal resilience and coastal regeneration. 


Friday’s meet up will extensively discuss the blue economy and why Los Angeles is a perfect place to grow the economic sectors related to the blue economy. 


Aside from topics about the blue economy, Cooper said participants in the meeting, which is for free, can also learn how Braid Theory helps startups and scaleups in bringing to the market the key components necessary to grow the blue economy. 


Those who want to join can sign up using the link below:


Braid Theory is a vertically integrated venture advisory firm that supports science and engineering-led companies.


The firm uses a hybrid model of services to assist teams based on proven methodology and rigor in evidence-based entrepreneurship, focused on three key aspects of commercialization: building capability, capacity, and intellectual capital. 


According to Cooper, the firm frequently works with universities, incubators and other accelerators, to assist them in commercialization.


The companies that apply to Braid Theory’s programs come from several countries all over the world including Canada, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and United Kingdom, according to Cooper. 


For more information on Braid Theory, visit:


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