Wingin’ it, Hawaiian-Style

Dog Haus offers new bites for June
Published on Jun 20, 2024

See that photo there?  Those are chicken wings. We know, we know. The chicken must have been a pterodactyl. 

Dog Haus calls these their “Mighty Moa Wings.”

As Dog HausWürstmacher Adam Gertler describes them, “These are our crispy battered and fried crispy chicken wings. The wings are then tossed in a teriyaki aioli, and topped with a spicy mayo, chili crisp, and scallions.”

And that is exactly what they taste like.

As Adam notes, the wings are extra crispy to stand up to the “heavy saucing we’re giving them, and all that sauce sinks it to it, but it’s still crispy, and then the chili crunch on top is a little extra heat, but also, the very satisfying, crackling sensation of the chili and the garlic is in that crisp, so it’s just layers and layers of textures and layers of flavor.”

And the presentation, as you can peep, is as impressive as it is intimidating. I kept looking around for someone to fly with me. 

These are some of the biggest chicken wings you’ll find just about anywhere, so bring a friend.

The wings are one of two new offerings that Dog Haus is doing as part of their Hawaiian theme through the month of June. 

The other is the Hawaiian Ohana Chicken Sandwich. This creation is a crispy fried chicken tender in a King’s Hawaiian bun, like their sliders, but  topped with chili crisp, spicy mayo, teriyaki aioli, and Haus slaw—a yummy blend of sweet and savory.  

Speaking of slaw, which I have always found to be vile, I devoured the crunchy,  sweet slaw in the Chicken Sando, something that I have never done before. That counts for a lot. 

So, let’s review:  there’s crunch and spice and heat (and slaw) this month at Dog Haus, so you might want to get your kino over there, while June is still June-ing. 

Dog Haus is at 93 East Green Street, Pasadena, CA, (626) 683.0808; and 105 North Hill Avenue, Suite 104, Pasadena, CA (626) 577-4287

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