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New studio incorporates accessible Katonah Yoga style
By EDDIE RIVERA, Weekendr Editor
Published on Apr 11, 2022

A new type of yoga studio has opened in Pasadena. Meet Archetype Yoga, a Katonah Yoga Studio located on E. Colorado Blvd. at El Molino Ave.

Katonah Yoga was developed in Katonah, New York by Nevine Michaan over 40 years, and according to owner Sara Blumenkranz, “has woven taoist theory, sacred geometry and esotericism within a hatha yoga practice.”

As she explained at her new studio on Saturday, “A Katonah Yoga class is more of a workshop, where students learn to investigate ‘the why’ behind the pose. We help foster personal and communal well-being by giving students the tools to measure up and develop a formal practice.”

“We like to think that there is something here for everybody,” she says.

Blumenkranz emphasized that the style is perfectly suitable for practitioners of all ages and stages.

When Blumenkranz was living in New York City, she developed chronic plantar fasciitis which significantly hampered her mobility. Her journey into yoga was motivated by pain and she looked to it as a remedy for her foot condition.

“My introduction to Katonah Yoga began with an illuminating workshop. At the very beginning, a student was chosen for a foot reading. I remember that day vividly, etched in my mind, was a huge group of students gathered around with heightened energy as Abbie Galvin of The Studio, New York shared what she could read about this student’s body. I was instantly intrigued, overwhelmed yet curious and left that workshop stunned at the pedagogy I had been so fortunate to witness.” she says.

It was from there she decided to immerse herself in the study of Katonah Yoga.

“At the time, I had been a footwear designer for years having worked for many women’s fashion footwear brands and traveling the world.”

As she said Saturday, “I’m using my creativity in a slightly different way than I had as a footwear designer.”

“Now, I help students into a yoga pose by looking at their frame and how they measure up. Then I use my trained vision to set them up in a pose with lots of props like chairs, straps, blocks and blankets and offer powerful adjustments that give students a pathway to experience a pose that might otherwise be limiting.”

When students work privately with a Katonah Yoga practitioner they start with a foot reading. Katonah Yoga instructors use the material to give them a snapshot of the body in front of them that helps craft the framework for that individual’s session.

“Our goal is to pique students’ interest about their practice and keep them coming back to further investigate,” she says. “And, we want to make it easy to practice, that’s why we offer snacks, coffee, tea, water, a charging station, complimentary yoga mats and all the props needed for practice. No matter how their day has been or how busy they are, upon arrival, our studio is a refuge of calm and ease. You just have to show up.”

At Archetype Yoga, the studio serves as a place of study for students to learn technique, measure up on the mat, have fun and hang out. There are daily yoga classes, monthly workshops and training sessions.

Archetype Yoga is at 638 E. Colorado Boulevard, Suite 301, Pasadena, CA. (626) 345-5676.

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