Your 2020 Halloween: Really Different, Still Fun

New Pasadena pop-up store has everything house-bound ghosts and Zoom zombies need
Published on Oct 31, 2020

It goes without saying that your 2020 Halloween celebration is going to be decidedly different than last year’s. You’ll be dressing up for your family, and you’ll be wearing a mask to, well, replace your mask.

And no little children dressed like Dr. Anthony Fauci, will be coming to your door with a cute little plastic pumpkin basket. You can eat all the candy yourself, if that’s your thing.

But, if you’d still like to experience the fun of shopping for costumes and Halloween accoutrement,  there’s a new Spirit Halloween pop-up store on Lake Avenue, in the former Pier One location.

According to their website, the store, one of 1300 locations across the country, is a one-stop shop for kids, men’s and women’s costumes, and all things Halloween.

The store naturally features Halloween costumes, Halloween decorations and even exclusive animatronics that’ll make your home the dark dread of the neighborhood. You can pick up things like fog machines, or outdoor decorations like tombstones, coffins, fences, and spider webs.

Shopping is easy at the Spirit store, as aisles and store corners are clearly labeled by theme, product type and license, along with a graveyard full of knowledgeable sales people eager to sell you a skeleton or two.

Wigs? More masks? Goofy hats? Scary makeup? Check. Weird things to place on your body, and cover with fake blood? Check. You’ll be haunting all your Zoom meetings, Casper.

And all your favorite Halloween movies and stories are covered. Going to be a Sanderson sister? There are “Hocus Pocus” figures and costumes. Perhaps an Overwatch costume, complete with all the accessories needed to rock that  cosplay. Official Fortnite skin costumes? But of course. Game on.

And since they really don’t have a say in the matter and tolerate, to some degree, your fascination with Halloween, you can even find an adorable pet costume for Max or Miss Mittens. With their wide range of offerings,  Halloween Spirit has dog costumes and cat costumes for each little pal in your haunted house.

So, let’s review: Halloween. Pop-up store. Pasadena. Wear a mask. Boo!

Spirit Halloween is at 422 South Lake Ave, Pasadena, CA. (866) 586-0155.

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