Your Next Chiropractic Visit No Longer Needs To Crack, Pop, and Twist To Give You Results

Published on Feb 5, 2020

[Updated] The days of abrupt neck crackings and bone adjustments at the chiropractor may be a thing of the past as a new, but also old, Activator method simply uses a gentle vibrating instrument and brings the same results of relief to your body.

Dr. Ted Marriott of Staywell Chiropractic in Pasadena is one of the leading certified practitioners of this method in the area and is surprised the fifty year old style of treatment is not as popular today since it does not involve any forceful twisting, cracking, or popping by hands on the patient’s body–an image most associate with chiropractic visits.

“A lot of people prefer this because they don’t want to have their back or neck twisted. It’s very, very gentle and unlocks the joints and areas they are having trouble without having to do that,” says Dr. Ted Marriott.

The Activator instrument provides a controlled, fast thrust that is comfortable for the patient and allows for a more precise and accurate adjustment because it is so quick and measured and simply focuses on restoring spinal balance which aids the body in healing itself.

The technique is a popular instrumental chiropractic method known for being effective and extremely gentle.

The handheld instrument releases four different levels of pressure ranging from light to heavy and are used variably depending on which area of the body it is being applied.

Dr. Marriott has over 15  years experience as an advanced Activator Method doctor and takes yearly post-graduate courses to retain his proficiency rating.

“As far as the adjustment itself, this is all I use,” says Marriott.

The Activator method is a great fit for older patients and those experiencing sensitivity from bone loss. Senior citizens use his chiropractic services because the activator method is gentle and is covered by Medicare.

“I’ve worked with patients who are over one hundred years old and while I may use a lighter adjustment on those patients, they get equal results as anyone else,” says Marriott.

Mariott’s treatment applies to the entire body, not just the neck and back areas, and says he regularly treats patients experiencing discomfort in the knees, jaw, ankles, feet, and more.

Aside from the Activator method, Dr. Marriott’s Staywell Chiropractic focus on instrument in other specialities that are unique to local practice offerings which include Trigenics neurological muscle assessment, Rapid Release Therapy: Vibrational technology to relieve muscle spasms, and Custom Foot Orthotics.

To learn more about Staywell Chiropractic and if the Activator method is right for you, visit or call (626) 808-1515.

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