Treasures From Across Time and the World

Hiding around every corner, Padua DK Designs is packed with an array of antiques and art

Monday, April 20, 2015 | 4:24 am

Eclectic, unique, significant, and even, sometimes, a bit extravagant…these are some of the words that best describe the furnishings and accessories housed in Dolores Kroop’s Padua DK Designs. This store is a universe of colors, textures, patterns, and designs…and Kroop invites you in.

Want to add a vibrant character to your home? Kroop is more than happy to welcome you into her studio filled with original artwork and artifacts from around the world that will add distinction to your home.

urn sqWe took a look around her studio at just a fraction of her incredible pieces.

A rare find yet iconic piece in Southern Californian architecture, an over three-foot-tall Madonna and Child created by Della Robbia.

“Della Robbia was an Italian artist who created this form. His pieces cost a fortune and they’re in museums now. This is made in Italy, and it’s probably about as large as you can get it,” says Kroop.

The pottery glaze makes this sculpture ideal for the outdoors, which is why these pieces are usually found decorating home’s exteriors or gardens.

Strangely adorable is the Glitter Goat, sculpture-meets-painting using glitter mixed with medium created by artist Jackie Jefferies. Colorful (it’s got a blue nose!), textured, and quirky, this painting reflects the artist’s love for goats.

“I love them! They’re so playful and crazy! Their personalities are just so out there!”

While Jefferies loves to paint animals, she is also known to do portraits of us humans, too.

Another showpiece in the studio is the urn depicting polo players from the olden days. “It dates back to Afghanistan. Only they didn’t use balls, they used goat heads,” informs Kroop.

goat sqBelieve it or not, this extremely heavy urn (which can take up to three men to lift, Kroop says) is made from fired clay.

The intricate engravings in this vase showcase the exquisite craftsmanship by potters from ceramics company Gladding McBean, famous for their role in the look of Downtown Los Angeles, whose building’s edifices feature pottery from the duo.

Art that you can wear is a statement necklace with five layers of gem stones in varying hues of blue. “They’re not on metal wire. They’re on the plastic but they’re all interwoven basically,” says Kroop. “The triangular pieces are double-drilled. They have to be so you can go through the wire and keep it flat.”

Another rare find in her store is one of several Ethiopian Crosses, a Coptic Cross. This particular cross features engraved images, making it quite rare and covetable.

“They sometimes use coin silver because coin silver has a high percentage of silver compound,” Jeffies explains of these religious pieces.  Today, they can be put on pedestals to create a beautiful sculptural piece for your home.

While we wandered for an hour and discovered a multitude of incredible items, our story barely touches the surface.  If you’re curious about what else Padua DK Designs is hiding, you’ll just have to see for yourself.

Padua DK Designs is located at 821 S Raymond #30, Alhambra. For more information, call (626) 441-5061 or visit

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