A Musical Harvest at “Backyard Pleasures”

Dora Liang, owner of Sweet and Savory, and Vivian Chan, Board memberA Musical Harvest at Guests Leslie and Deborah HedgesGuests Robert Oropallo, Diane Martin, Julie Oropallo, Sandra McWhorter, Richard McWhorterA Musical Harvest at Prentice Deadrick, Board President, Jerri Price-Gaines, Founder-Director


5:42 am | October 17, 2016

As any gardener knows, some plants are annuals while others are perennials. And what holds true for plants also holds true for music. Beethoven’s and Mozart’s symphonies are beloved centuries after their composition; Louis Armstrong and Nat King Cole remain Unforgettable, as do legends ranging from Tito Puente and Celia Cruz to Tan Dun and Komitas; and, of course, just this month, Bob Dylan received a Nobel Prize.

Meanwhile, here in Pasadena, supporters of Clazzical Notes – a curated music-education program designed to cross social and ethnic lines by increasing its audiences’ awareness and appreciation of the diverse communities in which they live – recently gathered at the home of Diane and Craig Martin to celebrate the program’s re-launching. Guests at “Backyard Pleasures” listened to music provided by Colors of Autumn, sampled “small bites” generously provided by the Raymond Restaurant, desserts by Sweet and Savory of San Marino and coffee courtesy of Black Drop Coffee Roasters.

“From its first production under the aegis of The Pasadena Symphony, Clazzical Notes was a huge hit,” explains Jerri Price-Gaines, who produced the original program. “Eventually, due to the orchestra’s budget constraints, Clazzical Notes was cancelled…but people never stopped asking when it would return. I’m pleased to announce that, in 2017, Clazzical Notes will indeed return, albeit no longer under the symphony’s umbrella but as its own entity. All of us involved are incredibly excited. We can’t wait to share our vision for the Clazzical Notes series with the community.”

By partnering with a diverse array of cultural community centers and non-profit organizations, Clazzical Notes is committed to enriching the lives of middle and high school students, families, youth groups, active seniors and others.

“Those of us in the audience will have an incredible opportunity to experience a multitude of musical styles and genres,” explains Prentice Deadrick, Board President. “We’ll also discover the ‘music’ within the spoken word, hearing stories inspired by leaders revered within their culture.”

Adds Board member Vivian Chan, “By providing historical insight into the artists’ perspectives on what influenced their musical interpretations and encouraging dialog about these perspectives, Clazzical Notes will build bridges within our community. I’m personally most excited about the opportunity we’ll have not only to hear the artists perform but engage with them.”
The opening Clazzical Notes performance will take place on February 19, 2017 at First AME Church in Los Angeles. Performances after this will take place at venues throughout Pasadena.

“People are already marking their calendars,” says Jerri Price-Gaines. “Which only goes to prove what we’ve believed from the beginning at Clazzical Notes. Cultures may vary widely, but the power of music connects all.”

The mission of Clazzical Notes is to foster the understanding of diverse cultures and our common humanity through the unifying language of music and spoken word. For more information about Clazzical Notes, visit www.clazzicalnotes.com.