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Chef Bryant Wigger’s Taiwan Food Trip

Trattoria Neapolis' own Chef Bryant Wigger has been chosen as one of just three chefs in North America to join 'Taste Taiwan' Culinary Tour for an eight-day trip to Taiwan this December.

Published: Tuesday, November 12, 2013 | 11:44 AM

With local restaurants, fresh market, street food, night markets, and culinary institutes to visit, Taiwan is a place all foodies must visit at least once in their lives. But not everyone has the means to visit the other side of the world, thus ‘Taste Taiwan 2013′ is expanding its culinary base with its Culinary Tour Chef Nomination, where chosen chefs will feature Taiwanese cuisine in their respective restaurants after the tour.

The ‘Taste Taiwan’ Culinary Tour has chosen three chefs, one from Los Angeles, one from New York, and one from Vancouver, for an exclusive eight-day trip to Taiwan this December. The tour will have the chefs visit culinary highlights of the country as well as learn to make a unique Taiwanese dish. At the end of the trip, a cooking competition will be held to add a little competitive spice.

One of the chefs chosen for the tour is Trattoria Neapolis’ very own Chef Bryant Wigger who edged out other local chefs, to be the Los Angeles representative on the tour.

A production crew will film the tour, and a 30-minute show will be produced from the footage, which will be shown in North America in 2014.

At the end of the trip, each chef will host a culinary event to promote and showcase a new special menu inspired by Taiwanese cuisine at his/her restaurant. So expect Trattoria Neapolis to get an infusion of Taiwanese culture in the coming months, as well as promote the Taiwan-inspired dish along with tourism in Taiwan.

Italian and Taiwan cuisine have a rich and shared history, with both having a love of noodles and filled pastas/dumplings. Trattoria Neapolis is proud of Chef Bryant’s achievement and is excited to see what ideas he will have for Trattoria when he returns.

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Trattoria Neapolis is located at 336 South Lake Avenue.

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