City Takes Stock of Sidewalk Conditions, Finds 18,000 Needed Repairs

Published : Monday, October 21, 2019 | 4:50 AM

There are about 15 million square feet of sidewalks in Pasadena and 664,000 square feet of them need repairing. And that could take six more years and cost as much as $9 million.

That conclusion is based on an assessment and inventory of the condition of the City’s sidewalks made since a 2015 survey, according to a preliminary report that the Public Works Department will present on Tuesday, October 22, at the Municipal Services Committee meeting at City Hall.

Over 18,000 locations need repairs, the report said.

The Department said it plans to complete repairs in high priority locations by fiscal year 2020. These high priority streets are either high traffic volume streets or where a sizable volume of pedestrians travel on a regular basis, those with the highest vertical deviation, or locations about which most ADA-related complaints have been received.

Rogues gallery of sidewalk repairs. Courtesy of City of Pasadena

In 2015, City officials estimated about 456,000 square feet of sidewalk would be replaced between 2016 and 2020, including about 72,000 square feet in northwest Pasadena that will be repaired by City crews and workers trained under the City’s MASH (Municipal Assistance, Solutions, and Hiring) program, a unique training program whose graduates are often called in by other City departments to assist residents in times of need – including sidewalk repairs.

Repair work will be completed using funds from the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program, a federal grant program administered locally by the Pasadena Community Development Commission.

Public Works said about after fiscal year 2020, about 644,000 square feet of sidewalk remains to be repaired off the 2015 inventory list. Given that continued funding will be provided at existing levels, these repairs are expected to be completed in six fiscal years, up to 2026.

The Department said the City will need additional funding of about $9 million over the next six fiscal years, for a total program cost of some $17 million.

Going forward, the Public Works Department said annual work will be performed by zones, as presented to the Pasadena Accessibility and Disability Commission last September. Regular maintenance work will minimize the contractor’s bid unit cost per square foot of sidewalk, and will also minimize repeated construction disruption to a single block or neighborhood.

The Department said it will also prioritize ADA-related complaints when addressing the need for repairs. It also plans to repeat inspection and repair on each zone on a six-year cycle as a continuous citywide program.

The Municipal Services Committee meeting begins at 4 p.m. at the City Council Chamber at City Hall.

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