Extension for Building Five Story Residential Tower on Lake Avenue Likely to be Granted Tuesday

Published : Monday, October 21, 2019 | 5:00 AM

The City of Pasadena’s Design Commission is expected to approve a time extension for the approved Final Design Review of a plan to build a new five-story, 12-unit residential project at 919 Boston Court in Pasadena.

The application for Time Extension was filed in September; the Final Design Review approval, which is effective for three years, is set to expire on November 5, the Department of Planning and Community Development said in a report for the Design Commission.

In the report, Planning Director David Reyes said the approval of the Final Design Review application was effective November 5, 2016. The project has completed the building plan check process, Reyes said, but a building permit has not been issued, since the required permit fees have not yet been paid.

The property has recently been sold and the new owners anticipate paying the required fees in the very near future, Reyes said. Construction is expected to start soon, but likely not before the Design Review expires; hence, the need for a time extension.

The Planning Department added there have been no changes to the design guidelines since the project’s approval in 2016, and that the findings regarding consistency with those guidelines still apply.

The only problem was that the project has been delayed because of the long plan check process, as well as the increased construction costs, leading to the owner’s decision to sell the property to a different developer.

Reyes said if the request for time extension is approved, the new owners have committed to pay the fees and secure the required building permits so they could begin construction as soon as possible.

“Staff recommends that the request for Time Extension be approved because the project remains consistent with Zoning Code requirements and with the applicable design guidelines and plans that apply to the property, which has not changed since the project’s original approval,” Reyes wrote.

The current project site is a vacant lot along Boston Court, which intersects with N. Lake Avenue to the west and about a block away westward from the Boston Court Performing Arts Center on N. Mentor Avenue.

In recommending approval of the Time Extension, the Planning Department said the Design Commission must find that the conditions of the original approval still apply, and that the project meets the current height, setbacks, and floor area ratio requirements of the Pasadena Zoning Code; is consistent with the General Plan, any applicable Specific Plan, and the City’s Zoning Map.

The Design Commission meeting begins at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, at the City Council chamber, Room S249 at City Hall.

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