Former First Lady Rosalynn Carter, Joined by Former President Jimmy Carter, Are Coming to the Rose Bowl

Published : Wednesday, January 24, 2018 | 7:50 PM

Former President Jimmy Carter and former First Lady Rosalynn Carter will be at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena on February 2, as students at St. Genevieve High School in Panorama City premiere their documentary on the iconic and groundbreaking former First Lady.

At a time when women’s voices are being heard loudly and clearly across the nation, the story of one of the world’s most influential change agents is largely unknown. Due to her demure nature and humble spirit, Mrs. Carter’s vast accomplishments are largely unknown to a world where her influence has touched millions.

With the new documentary, “Dear Rosalynn,” the students and staff at St. Genevieve are hopeful that is going to change.

The documentary is different from what most would expect. Instead of a traditional PBS-like approach, Rosalynn’s story is lovingly told and narrated by the students. She has become a friend to the St. Genevieve Community, and the point of view is that of curious students.

“We were challenged by our principal to learn more about this modern-day role model. As our minds grew, so did our hearts,” said Sean See, class of 2009 at St. Genevieve High School.

“Rosalynn’s story is a powerful narrative about how one woman can change the world for generations,” English teacher Kara Ukolowicz said. “Her legacy is clearly connected to the inspiring change we are seeing for women across this country right now. As women continue to step out of the shadows to speak their truths, it seems critical that we tell Rosalynn’s story: a story of both strength and compassion.”

During the premiere, President and Mrs. Carter, along with family and friends from their hometown of Plains, will join the St. Genevieve family at the Rose Bowl. Although neither of the Carters attended the school, they have visited on several occasions and the staff and hundreds of students have visited them in their hometown of Plains for more than a decade. The documentary details this unusual relationship.

Students, staff, and parents from both St. Genevieve Elementary School and High School will be present for the historic occasion. The event is open to the public as well.

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