From Ballet to Robotics, Barnhart’s Summer School Covers It All

From Ballet to Robotics, Barnhart\'s Summer School Covers It AllFrom Ballet to Robotics, Barnhart\'s Summer School Covers It AllFrom Ballet to Robotics, Barnhart\'s Summer School Covers It AllFrom Ballet to Robotics, Barnhart\'s Summer School Covers It All


2:25 pm | May 3, 2013

Summer Camps are usually a themed affair. Sport camps stick to sports, science stick to science. However, every once in a while, a Summer camp comes to rule them all.

Barnhart School’s summer program offers a full range of courses, from academic classes to ballet to robotics.

“We have a basketball camp, we have a Traveling Wood Shop which is going to be here from Side Street Projects, a non-profit arts organization in Pasadena. We also have a Video Game Creation class provided to us by Planet Bravo,” says Julia Morgan, Summer School Director for Barnhart School.

Morgan continues, “We also have academic classes like Accelerated Reading Courses, we have Geometry, we have Math; anything that you can think of including hip hop dancing and ballet.”

It’s like a who’s who of courses.

Aside from the above, the school will also be introducing new courses like the LEGO Robotics Program and a “Creative Rock Band class where students get a chance to build their own bands and they don’t need any experience playing an instrument because the instructor wants to create the experience of being in a band which means a lot of collaboration, a lot of experimentation,” says Morgan.

Another interesting course that Barnhart offers is the Skateboarding Course.

Morgan explains, “We have a Beginning Skateboarding class which takes you on a crash course, literally. We do require helmets and elbow pads.”

Barnhart School’s summer program will also have several exciting field trips with trips to Disneyland, Cabrillo Beach and the Grammy Museum.

“We’re going to have three field trips a week,” Morgan says, we will have activities the entire week, but three days out of the week, we will have field trips and the two days that the students will stay on campus, they’ll do something fun like have a Western Day, drum circles, and a reptile show. We’ll have a Hawaiian party so we’re going to try to keep it as exciting as possible.”

And what awaits students at the end?

“At the end of the summer we will have a swim party where all the students will hang out by the pool” says Morgan.

The entire program will run from June 17th through August 16th.

“The camp is June 17th through the 28th and then we start up again August 12th through the 16th,” Morgan says, while the “enrichment program is from July 1st through August 9th.”

There will be an Early Bird Special for early registrants, Morgan tells us “if a parent signs up before May 10th, then they will save $100.00 to register for the entire six weeks, that’s five periods a day. And if they register for one session, they will save $25.00 for five periods a day.”

A summer school preview night will be held on May 15th from 3:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m., where instructors will hold activities and give sample lessons.

Morgan adds, “Our Early Bird Special is on the 10th, but we will be honoring the early bird special on that day, so if anyone comes in and signs up on the 15th, we will honor the early bird special prices.”

To learn more what Barnhart School can offer, visit or email Julie Morgan at

You can also call directly at (626) 566-2348.

Barnhart School is located at 240 W. Colorado Blvd., Arcadia.