Leadership Pasadena Hears from City Leaders

Mayor Terry Torney with members of Leadership Pasadena at Pasadena City Hall.LP Class members Johanna Atienza and Pratima Solanki and program leadership coach and facilitator Carolina Caro.LP Class touring City HallLP Class with Senator Anthony PortantinoLP alums helping with the session.Councilman Andy Wilson addressing the class.Pasadena Police Chief Philip Sanchez speaking with Leadership Pasadena class members


5:33 pm | February 13, 2018

Mayor Terry Tornek opened the Leadership Pasadena government education session last week expressing his love and appreciation for the very special city of Pasadena and acknowledging the financial challenges facing the city.

“The Leadership Pasadena session on government that I attended was a refreshing change from what I have come to expect from our political leaders. The speakers were knowledgeable, informative, open and committed to making Pasadena a better city for its residents,” said LP Class of 2018 member Maite Bernath, Ph D. Chair, Dept: World Languages, Upper School, Polytechnic School.

Seated in City Council Chambers for the day, LP participants discussed a wide range of issues facing the city and region with City Manager Steve Mermell; City Attorney Michele Beal Bagneris, Councilmember Andy Wilson (LP alumni); and State Senator Anthony Portantino.

The cost of pension benefits for city employees was a surprise for many members of the LP class and detailed financial information was discussed, leaving the class realizing the enormity and complexities of the financial situation. Information on the roles and responsibilities of city commissioners was discussed in depth as LP graduates are encouraged to get actively involved with City Commissions.

City Councilman Andy Wilson said “As a 2004 graduate of Leadership Pasadena, I often return as a speaker in hopes of inspiring and motivating others to take action in our community.”

State Senator Anthony Portantino lead a serious conversation on his role as an elected representative and how he gains an understanding of the needs of his vast constituency; balances conflicting ones and does what he believes is the right thing.

Participants also toured City Hall with Leadership Pasadena alumni Brenda Harvey Williams, Finance and Management Services Administrator for Pasadena’s Public Works Department—even getting access to the top tower as well as looking under the building at the seismic stablizers!

On Saturday, February 3, LP participants met at Pasadena Police Department and heard from Chief of Police Phillip L. Sanchez. about his philosophy on leadership and the importance of developing his personnel to lead.

“The government session was one that I have been looking forward to since being accepted to Leadership Pasadena’s Class of 2018, and it did not disappoint! It was such an honor to have our civic leaders take the time out of their busy schedule to meet with us, give us advice, and answer our questions. It was great to hear their passion for our city and to have an honest discussion regarding our challenges. Being part of Leadership Pasadena has truly transformed my view of our city and I stand more committed than ever to our local community, and I have a deepening respect for the many leaders who are responsible for addressing our struggles,” according to Rachimah Magnuson, General Manager, Women’s City Club of Pasadena.

Applications for the Sept 2018-May 2019 class are now being taken.

For more information, visit http://www.leadershippasadena.org/