Maranatha High School Opens Starts Year with a Bash

Spencer GeorgeHannah Cox, Sophia Peterson, Kaitlyn Holstein, Thamara Peterson,       Amanda TippittFaith VanRiper, Ariana Hsiau, Lydia Tavera, Wesley Stenzel, Nathan Buchanan, Anita VelazquezNoah Erikson, Jonathan Yee, Solomon Kim, Josiah Sie, Dylan HandelField GameMr. McAleese play Round the World with studentsKaitlyn McFaul, Hannah McFaul, Olivia BaerMs. Chan, Dr. JangMr. Layton, Mr. BakerAlana YamadaFront: Zayala Fitzgerald, Hannah Vitko, Middle Kaitly Holstein. Behind: Trevor StanbackSophie Peterson, Hannah CoxFront: Jacob Malijian, Emma Anderson, Faith VanRiper, Arizona Hsiau, Lydia Tauera, Anita Velazquez. Behind: Nathan Buchanan, Wesley StenzelElena SantanaFront center: Alana Yamada Middle: Karney Okuma, Somer Isaac, Maya Malekian, Jillian Hurte, Alyssa Kim and Behind: Madison Zuch, Kinberly Ajalat

Article and Photos courtesy of MARANATHA HIGH SCHOOL

12:03 pm | August 27, 2015

One of the favorite traditions of Maranatha High School students for over 30 years is Uprising. At the beginning of each year, Maranatha’s Associated Student Body plans an entire day for encouraging community, purpose, and fun! During Uprising this year, students had the opportunity to go to chapel, play group games such as “Human Foosball”, “Human Hamster Ball Racing”, boxing, ping pong, and basketball tournaments, as well as enjoy free Chick-fil-A lunch and play on giant bounce houses and jump in the pool. Students ended the day with an enormous paint and shaving cream war leaving them covered in color. More than anything, they left with a few more friends and a strong sense of community.

This year, Maranatha’s ASB decided to extend the fun and incorporate a “Back to School Bash” concert and Food Truck Fest for the whole family immediately following Uprising. Families came to campus to enjoy hit Christian band Gungor with additional musical guests Tenth & California and Isla Vista Worship. Although ASB students were exhausted at the end of the day, they felt it was worth it for a great start to the 2015-2016 year.

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