Maranatha High School Salutes North Carolina Family, Names Football Field in Their Honor Friday

Published : Saturday, October 27, 2018 | 4:30 AM

The Keith Family Field Dedication

For anyone that has ever been involved in sports, there is only one thing more humbling than having a field or court named after you.

And that’s when it’s done while all the honorees are alive and well.

That was very much the case Friday night at Maranatha High School.

Greg and India Keith, along with their son, Cody, were on the Maranatha football field Friday night before the Olympic League title showdown between the Minutemen and Heritage Christian.

It was the last time we can call it the Maranatha football field, though.

Because from here on out, it is now “The Keith Family Football Field,” as Dr. Steven Sherman announced before the crowd Friday night.

Greg served on the Board of Trustees from 2010-2018, his family are major donors and their son, Cody, played quarterback in the 2009 season, and graduated from Maranatha in 2010.

It was clear as we spoke to them Friday night how honored they were for the ceremony and how proud the entire family was to be on hand.

They made the trip from their North Carolina home and gushed about all the great times they had with the school, making new friends and the positive influence Maranatha had on Cody’s evolution as a boy to a quality young man.

“It’s an unbelievable experience and such a blessing because we made so many great friends here when I moved here from North Carolina. We never lost a home game on that field and it’s so special that it’s being named after my family,” Cody Keith said.

All three Keith family members thanked Dr. Sherman, and spoke about how important and valued it is to be at a school that instill morals and guidelines for its young people.

Cody, 27, is still pursuing a career in football as a quarterback.

He signed a contract for the Alliance Football League, where general managers and head coaches will be able to see them throw at a combine next month.

The draft is in December and there is an eight-game season that begins in February, which will be followed by a pair of postseason games.


Mr. Greg Keith: “It’s really special. Maranatha is a wonder school. A fine Christian school. It’s just a real special place for us.”

Mrs. India Keith: “We made a lot of great friends in the short time we were here. We had a wonderful time out here and we want to come out here (from North Carolina) all the time.”

Maranatha assistant athletic director Eddie Arnett: “I think having families like them support your school is huge. To support everything we do, speaks volumes about them. You want your athletes to have character and their family has a heart for the Lord and the school and the ministry.”