Pasadena's Luke Walker's Barber & Beauty Care Honored as Small Business of the Year

Published : Wednesday, June 20, 2018 | 3:37 PM

Pasadena-area State Senator Anthony Portantino welcomed and honored Pasadena resident Luke Walker and his family as the Small Business of the Year at the California State Capitol Tuesday.

The recognition is extended by the California Business Association, which each recognizes one business from each Senate District as Small Business of the Year. Portantino chose Walker’s Barber Shop and Beauty Care shop, at 627 N. Fair Oaks Avenue in Pasadena, as this year’s Small Business of the Year.

“The city of Pasadena has been the beneficiary of Luke’s talents and civic engagement for years,” Portantino said. “Multiple generations of Pasadenans have benefited from Luke’s work in the church and community service. His business has provided a foundation for many new barbers in our community to obtain job skills and become productive participants in our local workforce. He is very deserving of this recognition.”

Walker’s career began in Arkansas where he began cutting hair in college. In 1975, he established Luke Walker’s Barber and Beauty Care shop in Pasadena. Since then, his business has trained many barbers who have been able to start a business of their own.

In addition to his business, Walker has helped raise over $250,000 to fight sickle cell anemia in partnership with other barbers and hairstylists.

He is actively involved in his church’s small group, is the deacon board, and worked with Aspires West to assist in after-school programs.

“My family and I are extremely proud of our business and are honored to be recognized by Senator Portantino as the Small Business of the Year,” Walker said in response to the recognition. “I hope to have made a difference in our community these past three decades but never expected to be recognized for it. I am grateful to our community for supporting our business and for my friendship with Senator Portantino.”







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