An Extraordinary Student

Andrew Easton, a 12th-grade student at Southwestern Academy has been awarded “Student of the Month” by San Marino Rotary. Typically, students are recognized primarily for their academic achievements, but Andrew was identified for his outstanding service to the community and for his efforts outside the classroom.

Andrew received recognition for four years of volunteer work in convalescent homes, and for a variety of community service work. Kenneth Veronda , Headmaster at Southwestern Academy, and Past President of San Marino Rotary, highlighted Andrew’s efforts. Mr. Veronda reminded Rotarians about the importance of community service, giving back, and stressed the significance of service above self.

Andrews’s parents, Christopher and Alyce Easton, inspired Andrew to make changes of his own by transferring from an all-male Catholic school to Southwestern Academy. Andrew has said, “This is one of best choices I have made in my life.” Andrew is surrounded by classmates from different cultures and backgrounds, which has encouraged and motivated Andrew to work with others.

An example of Andrew’s ability to collaborate came this past summer when Andrew and alumnus, Albert Lopez (Guatemalan – Americanstudent) got together and developed a model for a geodesic dome based water distiller, which uses solar power to efficiently obtain a significant amount of purified water. Andrew and Albert decided to create and name their innovative companyPULP ( PULP is a reference to water, which has been extracted, and put to use. Andrew and Albert decided the geodesic dome should be shared with others. Andrew and Albert’s geodesic water distiller was highlighted in a feature on Voyage L.A.

When given the opportunity to thank the rotary club for their appreciation Andrew said, “This was worth all the effort. This experience is amazing and has encouraged me to keep on going. We have already begun plans and future meetings towards the next big step in marketing for our company to gain more recognition.”

Andrew has applied to a number of good universities and will do well in college. He has a distinct passion for the culinary field, and an equal desire to teach scuba. Andrew is a certified PADI diver and has an interest in sharing this skill with others. He has said that one day he may pursue restaurant life by manning a kitchen as a chef, but not until he has explored more of the underwater world. Andrew’s diving experiences have taken him to Europe, and South America and most notably to Cuba. Whether his passion and interests take him locally or far away from home, his parents will support Andrew in future endeavors.

For further information, contact Yalina Munoz (626) 799-5010 ext. 273.


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