Arroyo Pacific Knows the Importance of Cultural Understanding

America is a true melting pot. Every conceivable nationality, religion and race resides inside our borders. You may not fully understand some groups of people and the lack of understanding may lead to ignorance and hatred. We can bridge the divide between groups and foster a sense of community and compassion and all it takes is a little understanding.

Bob Seger sang, in his song “Understanding,” that “I don’t know why, but I think I’m startin’ to learn. They call it understanding; a willingness to grow.” He’s got it right. Arroyo Pacific Academy takes this idea to heart and teaches their students about other cultures through cultural assemblies. According to the school, they explore local and international traditions and culture through food, music, dance, and history. They have learned about cultures from Mexico to China.

Cultural understanding is important for a myriad of reasons. In today’s world, you can connect with people across the globe in a click of a button and learning to understand each other is necessary. In the workplace, it is imperative to work with people from all backgrounds this skill is considered a huge asset by most employers. Working together as a global community is the quickest way to begin to understand each other.

You can contact the Arroyo Pacific Academy at (626) 294­0661. They are located at 41 West Santa Clara Street in Arcadia. You can visit the school online at

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