Board of Education to Look at Blair High School's Plan Targeting Underachievers

Published : Wednesday, September 7, 2016 | 8:52 PM

Pasadena Unified’s Board of Education is scheduled to discuss whether or not to approve the Single Plan for Student Achievement for Blair High School at Thursday night’s special meeting.

The plan aims to better student achievement by targeting underachieving subgroups with more effective teaching strategies, according to the school board’s agenda.

Each school is required to come up with their own unique achievement plan each year, according to Hilda Ramirez, spokesperson for Pasadena Unified School District. However, the board will only discuss Blair High School’s plan during this meeting.

“Most of the plans were done last fiscal year, but Blair’s is being taken up separately,” Ramirez said. “The one on this agenda is really only to look at the approval for Blair’s plan.”

All California schools must tailor their plan to meet the individual educational needs of students, according to Ramirez.

“All school accountability plans look at student achievement,” said Ramirez. “They look at the data from the past years and then the plans are revised annually accordingly. They address specific actions that are meant to increase achievement for all students.”

The Board meeting is ser to start Thursday afternoon at 5:30 p.m. in the Elbie J. Hickambottom Board Room at 351 South Hudson Avenue in Pasadena. The agenda is online here:




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