Crestview Preparatory School to Celebrate Grandparents on November 22

Spending time with grandma and grandpa can build emotional and social intelligence, along with lasting memories. They offer a lot more than just free babysitting every once in awhile. Intergenerational relationships between your children and their grandparents provide multiple benefits.

Besides the obvious reasons of growing up with strong family bonds and memories, your children can also learn multiple lessons from grandparents about emotional and social intelligence. Emotional intelligence, or the ability to be aware of, control and express emotions, is a trait that your children will be watching and learning throughout their lives. When they spend time with their grandparents, your children will learn how people they trust, besides their parents, express their emotions.

Emotionally intelligent kids are able to better navigate interpersonal relationships through social intelligence. Grandma and grandpa’s home is the perfect place to start showing your children that they are loved, safe and secure in other homes. Your children need to see how other families work, how other relationships succeed and how other homes can be safe and loving too.

Hanging out with grandma and grandpa gives your children the chance to relate to people other than you and your partner. Your children will learn how to be nice, how to be caring, how to act when you aren’t around and how to follow rules that might be different than the rules in your home. Your children will enjoy developing a relationship with their grandparents that is special just to them.

Grandparents or other intergenerational mentors in your children’s lives are valuable, so you may want to consider adding more grandma and grandpa time to your kids’ schedules or even rebooting your relationship with the grandparents if the relationship needs some TLC. Celebrate grandparents with Crestview Prep on November 22.

Crestview Preparatory School is located at 140 Foothill Boulevard in La Canada. Call
(818) 952-0925 or see more information onĀ



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