Get Started in Computer Science at Bosco Tech

From the iPhone to hybrid vehicles to advanced medical imaging, computer scientists and electrical engineers have had a powerful impact on the way we live today. Computer science is a fast growing field filled with potential for exploration, growth and creativity; high school students can get involved in this exciting field through Bosco Tech’ college-preparatory Computer Science and Electrical Engineering program.

1. Learn to solve complex problems – Your problem-solving skills improve after studying computer science. You will learn to approach every issue as a software problem: what could be wrong? Look for the symptoms of the problem, see where it shows up. Understand the system, what could be causing it. Reach effective solutions you’d never considered before!

2. Experimentation is key – Learning CS involves experimentation. You have to mess around with the code, really get into it. Sometimes it means that you’ll take apart something that’s already working. But the great thing is that in return, you get to learn something new, sometimes something that hasn’t even been documented.

3. You’ll doubt it every day. Studying CS is hard, which is probably why so many people don’t do it. You’ll doubt everyday whether you’re meant for it, and will want to give up. You’ll see kids doing it since they were two years old and will think, why do I even bother trying? But the truth is, it’s OK to doubt yourself, as long as it doesn’t hold you back. Don’t be afraid of it, you won’t get anywhere unless you try.

Computer Science (CS) is the design of computers, computational processes and information transfer. CS engineers design and analyze software for many different applications, including networks, graphics, artificial intelligences and database systems. They design next-generation computer systems, computer networking, biomedical information systems, gaming systems, search engines, web browsers and computerized package distribution systems.

Electrical Engineering (EE) focuses on the study and applications of electricity and magnetism. Whether it’s a motor for the latest electric car, a navigation system used in GPS devices, or a wind turbine power system for efficient energy production, an electrical engineer was involved in its design and manufacture. The electrical engineers of today may work on projects that include telecommunication, the operation of electric power stations or robotic system design.

Bosco Tech is located at 1151 San Gabriel Boulevard. Call (626) 940-2000 today or visit them online at



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