Learning Without Boundaries

Most schools confine learning to the classroom but life is so much bigger than one building. Students need to learn about life along with academics to graduate as well rounded adults. Sequoyah’s highschool is taking learning to a new level with opportunitiesfar beyond the classroom.

Camping and International Adventures top their list of opportunities. This is an amazing way for students to learn about what is beyond their neighborhood. They get to see nature, meet new people and soak up information along the way. Next year, students will have the chance to visit places such as the Sierra Nevada Mountains and the Southwest, including the Anasazi ruins.

According the Sequoyah School’s website “To prepare graduates for a highly interconnected world facing complex social and environmental challenges, students are required to complete a four year Social Innovation Program (SIP) designed to not only cultivate students’ empathy, and passion for doing good, but the foundational skills of social entrepreneurs.” That is an impressive goal and one all children have the ability to meet when given the proper tools.

These programs help students figure out their own career paths and how to be social entrepreneurs in their communities. Independent Study courses are another great opportunity for students to follow their passions and learn to work hard independently. No matter which way a student chooses to go, they will learn valuable lessons along the way.

Sequoyah’s innovative high school program has recently qualified to be considered in the LA2050 GOOD Maker grant challenge in the education category. Visit Sequoyah’s project page at http://myla2050learn2015.maker.good.is/projects/seq

For more information about the school visit https://hs.sequoyahschool.org/programs/beyond-the-classroom.


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