PUSD: Presenting the Class of 2016: Ready, Global, and Savvy

Published : Thursday, June 30, 2016 | 8:10 PM

The story of the graduating Class of 2016 is both a collection of individual tales and a narrative about today’s Pasadena Unified and the remarkable turnaround of its high schools. The achievements and accolades won by the Class of 2016 reflect the bold new vision of Pasadena public high schools – and give notice that it’s not business as usual in this school district.

“The graduating Class of 2016 is remarkable for the breadth of achievements earned by students over the course of their academic careers,” said Superintendent Brian McDonald. “Collectively and individually, these graduates reflect the investments that their families, teachers, and the broader community have made in the transformation of our high schools into places of authentic learning. Together, we’re preparing graduates who are academically prepared to succeed in college and the 21st century. ”

Graduates of the Class of 2016 reflect Pasadena Unified’s “graduate profile,” adopted six years ago as the district’s vision for the range of skills, knowledge, and readiness a student would acquire during their educational journey. That vision has become reality as graduates are critical thinkers, strong communicators, and global in their perspectives – the 21st century skills sought by colleges and employers.

Pasadena Unified’s Class of 2016 earned more than $9.7 million in scholarships and awards. Members of this year’s graduating class are headed to Harvard, Stanford, UCLA, Berkeley, and Cal Poly Pomona. They’ve won top scholarships: Gates Millennium, UC Regents, Linked Learning, and Posse. And, notably, the first group of students graduated from the ground-breaking APP web design and development academy this year.

“The graduates of this year’s class are the product of a thoughtful and focused approach to transforming high school learning,” said Dr. Marisa Sarian, who heads the district’s high school and Linked Learning Pathways. “They are competitive in the classroom and on the athletic field, global in their perspectives, savvy in their use of technology, and disciplined in their creativity. They are young adults poised to seize the opportunities at their feet. We are so proud of them.”

Pasadena Unified counselors meet with middle and high school students to guide them through the college and career planning process. Counselors organize college information events for students and families and make sure students are informed about the college application process and deadlines. To contact counselors, visit the College Centers or Counseling Offices at PUSD high schools.

Colleges and Scholarships by School

Blair High School graduates earned admission to colleges such as Harvard, UCLA, and John Hopkins University. Valedictorian Mariah Dimalaluan, who is headed to Harvard University, also earned candidacy for the International Baccalaureate diploma, the academically-challenging program with a global approach that is recognized by universities worldwide.

John Muir High School, which has been honored for leading Los Angeles area schools in the percentage of graduates admitted to UCLA, continues to produce graduates headed to elite universities such as Stanford. Pravash Dass was named a Gates Millennium Scholar, an honor reserved for only 1,000 high-achieving students in the country that covers undergraduate and graduate costs. College acceptances. Scholarships: $1.47 million

Pasadena High School graduates won $8.2 million in both academic and athletic scholarships and grants; students are headed to Stanford, UC Berkeley, UCLA, Cal Poly Pomona, and Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. Andrew Ochola is headed to Tulane University on a full Posse Scholarship. College acceptance list.

Marshall Fundamental Secondary School graduates won $2.8 million in scholarships and were accepted to Berkeley, UCLA, Gonzaga, and Tulane, among others. Student Elena Carrillo, a top student who had her pick of colleges, is headed to UC Santa Cruz to student marine science. College acceptance list.

Students in PUSD’s Alternative Education programs, which cater to students who thrive in non-traditional settings, graduated from the Center for Independent Studies and Rose City High School and are headed to CSU Dominguez Hills, Humboldt State, Pasadena City College, and vocational colleges. They earned a combined total of $85,000 scholarships and grants.

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