Scott Studenmund Field Dedication at Clairbourn School

Clairbourn students, teachers, and friends, along with Pasadena dignitaries and friends of the Studenmund family gathered on Friday, November 21, 2014 to dedicate the Clairbourn athletic field to fallen Green Beret Staff Sergeant Scott Studenmund from the Class of 2004. A new scoreboard bearing Scott’s name was revealed as well as a bronze plaque highlighting his student accomplishments and military service.

Scott Studenmund Field Proclamation.pdf

Scott Studenmund Remarks.pdf

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At the morning chapel service, a message was shared by Headmaster Dr. Nafie filled with highlights from Scott’s life—especially his spirit of helpfulness, his record of achievement, service to his country, and the personal example he set for others. Scott Studenmund’s name will forever stand on the campus as an inspiring and meaningful example of excellence for Clairbourn students to emulate.

Woody Studenmund, Scott’s father, also impressed upon the student body how to keep Scott’s memory alive. His hope was that each student would adopt Scott’s spirit of service—to be aware of the burdens others are carrying and to be ready, active, and dedicated to help.

Among the roughly 500 people on the field, the event was attended by Jaynie and Woody Studenmund, U.S. Army Sergeant First Class Josh Roelle, Pasadena Mayor Bill Bogaard, Pasadena Police Chief Phillip Sanchez and Pasadena Police Lieutenant Jay Clawson, Flintridge Prep Head of School Peter Bachmann and his wife Molly Bachmann, John and Louise Bryson, Karen Bogaard, Janet Braun, Laura Campobasso, Jim Dragna, Pat Glazier, Jane Haderlein, Sarah Hughes, Rhonda Kozacik, Trey Kozacik, Kris and Reid Leslie, Dennis and Shelly Lowe, Steve Ralph, Gretchen and Henry Reed, Mallory Sparr, as well as a group of Scott’s former classmates, teachers, and parents from the Clairbourn class of 2004.

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