Send Your Kids To Mars This Summer

You can send your kids to Mars this summer. Or Camelot. Or Jurassic Park. Oh, the places they’ll go!

Amazingly they’ll never even have to leave Barnhart Summer School, where Ms. Wong’s English Lit class will not only ignite their imaginations as they read but when they create their very own adventure story you’ll get in a printed book, complete with wondrous illustrations.

Ms. Wong (who is teaching at Barnhart for the first time this summer) says she’s never been more excited to have her own whiteboard, student library and even student desks. She said her favorite thing about teaching is feeling the electricity in the room and that “ah ha” moment the students experience when they understand the content.

Parents might just have an “ah ha” moment also when they realize how Ms. Wong is just one of many exciting, dedicated teachers who will be teaching this summer at Barnhart. The school is offering fun courses that help kids get a jump start on the school year while still enjoying their summer vacation.

The school offers creative courses where children pursue their interests – whether it’s about bugs, robots made out of LEGO and even skateboarding. Other exciting courses are Game Board Designing, Creative Rock Band, Hip Hop and Rocketry. But of course Barnhart also offers academics to prepare the kids for the next school year.

For the complete list of classes offered, please click here.

Catch the courses your children want before registration ends. Barnhart Summer School opens on June 22.

Visit Barnhart School Summer Session, 240 W. Colorado Blvd., Arcadia, CA 91007 or contact the Summer School Director at For more call (626)566-2348.


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