Southwestern Academy and Its Teachers Make Learning Unforgettable and Rich

At Southwestern Academy, students, teachers and staff alike all feel the same about the school — it feels like home. The intimate and personal approach to teaching and learning, with just eight to twelve students per class, makes studying at Southwestern an unforgettable and rich learning experience.

Former student and now Southwestern Academy’s Admissions Associate, Yalina Munoz graduated from Southwestern Academy in 2003. She says the school contributed greatly to her success as an adult and considers Charles Herbst as one of the teachers who made a great impact on her and her growth in college.

“He was one of the best teachers I’ve ever had,” she says.

“I’ve always struggled greatly with math,” she recalls. “And when I took my master courses with him, I was able to get through and accomplish my goals. When I started college, it helped me gain the confidence in myself to tackle through my major in business administration, and I was able to finish all of my master courses with good grades — thanks to Mr. Herbst.”

Yalina studied at Southwestern Academy from mid-year 2000 and graduated in 2003. Charles Herbst was her math teacher for three years and she considers these years to be best years of her teenage life.

Yalina says she owes her college degree to one of her favorite Southwestern teachers: Mr. Herbst.

“Thank you, Mr. Herbst, for always making your classes enjoyable and so much fun. I actually was able to learn and understand math from them through your great sense of humor and undying faith in me. I wish you nothing but the best in everything you do,” she says, with heartfelt gratitude.

Southwestern Academy is located at 2800 Monterey Rd., San Marino. For more information, call (626) 799-5010 or visit


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