St. Francis High School: A Random Act of Kindness Goes a Long Way

Good afternoon:

The following story was passed our way from a friend of St. Francis High School and was written by an anonymous student from Flintridge Preparatory School who was having an rough day. Below is what that student wrote about the positive impact of a random act of kindness. I’m confident your readers will enjoy reading about the remarkable character and indomitable character demonstrated by our local youth:

So I don’t normally post anything on Facebook, but I feel like today something happened that is worth sharing… This past Saturday, my uncle passed away after battling cancer for many years. As you would expect, the past few days have been kind of difficult. I find myself experiencing waves of emotion, ebbing and flowing with no regularity, as I will find myself smiling one second, and incredibly distraught in the next moment. Today after school I experienced one of these waves. And a brief confrontation with a couple of my peers only worsened my mood. I found myself walking away from the group by myself. For those of you who are affiliated with prep, you might know what I’m talking about when I say I went to go sit by the fence the lines foothill by the ninth grade lockers… For those of you who aren’t, I went to go sit by the fence which separates our school from La CaƱada’s Foothill Blvd. Anyway, I sat down, choking back tears and staring absently into the distance. Another student from St. Francis High School, the adjacent high school, happened to stroll by with his friend. We locked eyes for a second, and he continued on. I thought nothing of it until several minutes later when he appeared again, this time carrying a trader Joe’s soda. He reaches through the fence, taps me on the shoulder. “Are you all right?” He asks. Appalled that he is taking time out of his day to interact with me, I don’t really know how to respond. “Umm… I’ve been better.” I reply. “Here, I want you to have this,” he says. He hands me the soda. I take it. He jogs back to his friend. I never learned his name; he never learned mine. But even though he will probably never read this, I just wanted to share one of the finest gestures I have ever received. Friend, you made my “ok” day a “great” one, and I believe conveyed a message for my uncle. You let me know that he is doing fine, you let me know that he is laughing and smiling somewhere with his father and the angels. I would like to thank you for this random act of kindness from the bottom of my heart.

The boy who you gave your soda to…



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