St. Rita School Participate in La Salle Invitational Speech and Debate Tournament

Published : Friday, March 3, 2017 | 5:15 PM

Photo credit: Mrs. Campos-Martel

St. Rita School congratulates all who participated in yesterday’s Speech & Debate Tournament at La Salle High School.

Mr. Ralph Seymour thanks all students for their tremendous support. The students did an outstanding job, both preparing for and performing at the tournament.


Carolyn Awad-Hazzan-2nd Place Dramatic Interp
Eileen Marra-1st Place Prose/Poetry Novice
Lauren Oseguera-3rd Place Prose/Poetry Novice
Tristan Morse-6th Place Prose/Poetry Novice
Lauren Oseguera and Emily White-3rd Place Duo
Cassandra Pichardo and Carolyn Awad-Hazzan-6th Place Duo
Kaitlyn Andrews and Kaitlyn Stergar-9th Place Duo
Lorielle Campos-Martel and Charlotte Bax-15th Place Duo
Danielle Campos-Martel and Gillian Gorocica-16th Place Duo
Jacob Friedman-1st Place Impromptu Novice
Laurent Flores-Freihube-7th Place Impromptu Novice
Louis Gorocica-10th Place Impromptu Novice
Dominic Chimenti-6th Place Varsity Impromptu
Isabella Zuniga-3rd Place Original Oratory
Charlotte Bax-4th Place Original Oratory

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