Technology at Clairbourn

Published : Monday, July 15, 2019 | 6:12 PM

Programmable Robots - Computer teacher Paul Barker demonstrates features of one of the programmable robots that students use in computer class.

Clairbourn develops tech-savvy students who understand how the right tools can enhance their development in becoming skilled communicators, problem-solvers, visionaries, and learners.  From preschool to Grade 8, the extensive exposure to technology, in a safe and controlled fashion, ensures Clairbourn students can meet the approaching demands of private high school and college curriculums.  Its students are also taught the balanced use of technology – which means it is included in lessons when appropriate.

Advanced Educational Technology

The curriculum is not static. It is constantly changing in order to keep pace with advancing technologies and their applications to education. Our program addresses traditional computer skills and offers age-appropriate mainstream technologies as well as carefully selected cutting-edge technologies. 3D printers, iPads, touch-screen monitors, and programmable robots are some of the exciting technologies that Clairbourn students have an opportunity to use.

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