Washington Elementary STEM Magnet Participates in UNICEF’s Kid Power Program

Washington Elementary STEM Magnet Ms. Rebecca Caruso’s 5th Grade students are participating in UNICEF’s Kid Power program to get active, learn about kids around the world, and help donate food to kids in need. Here are the details:

With every 10,00 steps students earn points towards Ready-to-Use Therapeutic Food packets (sometimes referred to as RUTF packets or therapeutic food packets) which contain a specially-designed protein and vitamin-rich peanut paste, allowing children who are severely malnourished to be treated successfully in their communities.

Here’s what they received:

The UNICEF Kid Power classroom kit comes with everything you need to lead your students in Kid Power. This includes:
– Kid Power Bands – one for each student, plus a couple extra
– LTE-enabled classroom tablet – equipped with a data plan for the duration of your team’s participation
– Tablet stand – display the tablet on this stand to create a Kid Power Kiosk, a hub for all of the team’s activity
– Power strip – providing extra outlets for Kid Power hardware
– USB charging bricks – with enough ports to charge an entire teams’ Kid Power Bands at once
– Kid Power passports and stickers – a fun way for students to prepare for missions and document their ‘travels’ around the world!

Ms. Caruso’s students will also participate in missions where they learn about other cultures:

Teachers lead their teams (classes) on missions by completing lessons and activities, where students learn about children and cultures around the world, and UNICEF’s work to help children everywhere survive and thrive. These materials are standards aligned, helping teachers reach classroom goals through their participation in UNICEF Kid Power.

Within each mission, teachers will find video and multimedia resources, learn-and-earn kinethetic activities, multicultural games, and standards-aligned lessons. Each mission is designed to last about a month, with 30 to 60 minutes of lessons and activities per week, and can be done in any order.

Designed with flexibility in mind, teachers can also filter missions by activity type. For example, PE teachers are able to quickly and easily sort through the multicultural games to determine which one is best for their class that day!

Washington Elementary STEM Magnet, 1520 N. Raymond Ave., Pasadena, (626) 396-5840 or visit www.pusd.us/site/Default.aspx?PageID=37.



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