Why After School Activities Matter

Can after-school programs give your children an academic boost? According to a new study, after school program serving low-income elementary and middle school students, the answer is yes. Students who regularly participated in after-school programs surpassed their peers in academic performance. They also exhibited notable improvements in work habits and behavior.

It’s no surprise that after-school programs can do much more than keep your children occupied during the afternoon. In fact, after-school activities can help them in a variety of ways. Children develop time-management skills, build self-esteem, and practice goal setting. While it may be tough to squeeze in after-school activities for your children, the benefits are well worth the extra effort.

After school activities teach children how to manage their time and prioritize various tasks and commitments and explore their interests. The school band, drama club, or any sport may be an activity your children are interested in joining. By allowing your children the opportunity to explore diverse interests, you give them the opportunity to discover what they are passionate about.

Once your children find an activity that they enjoy, succeeding in the activity could ultimately build their confidence and self-esteem. Arroyo Pacific offers a wide range of after school activities from music lessons to science program. Any student can go any day to get help with any assignment from any teacher.

You can contact the Arroyo Pacific Academy at (626 ) 294 0661.

They are located at 41 West Santa Clara Street in Arcadia. You can visit the school online at www.arroyopacific.org.



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