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Applications Open for Leadership Pasadena Community Leadership Course for Veterans

Published on Thursday, January 17, 2019 | 1:44 pm

Leadership Pasadena (LP) is now accepting applications for their specialized Community Leadership Course for Veterans (CLCV). CLCV is not a “crisis” program but instead a 7-month strength-based course for vets ready and willing to serve and lead in the community again—but do not fully understand the civilian culture.

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“Veterans have tremendous skills in leadership, technology, operations, crisis management plus an inspirational service-driven work ethic all of which is lost when veterans do not engage in their new civilian community, school or job,” according to LP Veterans Services Coordinator Lisa Raggio. “This course re-missions our veterans as community service leaders in our community, benefiting the veteran and the community.”
“The course openly and honestly builds civilian cultural competency in our veterans so they understand their new civilian world and how to find a mission-driven leadership role in our charities, civic organizations and our businesses,” LP Board member and US Army veteran Phyllis Lynes explained. “When I decided to leave the military, after almost 4 years of active duty, and relocate to Los Angeles, I was lost. I had given up a responsible and meaningful job as a Post Adjutant and was armed with a recently earned Master’s Degree in Public Administration, but was mystified by the job market and my new community. As a new civilian in a new community I was able to get a good job, but instead of managing people providing significant services, I was an entry-level professional, responsible only for myself. I had a great job and I was grateful, but something was missing! I did not experience the same sense of mission or fulfillment in my new civilian world that I had known and loved for almost four years. A very difficult reality for even the well adjusted, highly functioning veteran is the loss of a sense of purpose and importance. This is why I am so proud to be involved with Leadership Pasadena’s course for veterans.”
The LP course addresses leadership in the civilian world, civilian business culture and organization savvy, multi-generational leadership, non-profit Board training, the corporate landscape and the history, culture, arts and sciences of Pasadena and more. In 2019, participants will also be offered free, personalized job placement, training and enhancement services through the Verdugo Workforce Development Board that serves veterans throughout LA County.
The CLCV pilot course was completed on Sept 30, 2018. Comments from the veterans who graduated from the course include:
The course was fantastic. Educational, fun, and enriching. I enjoyed the people, topics, discussions, and networking. The most important takeaway was the emphasis on empowerment. Everything centered upon empowering veterans to succeed in the community.
As a veteran is easy to get caught up in the “we” mentality. This course helped me understand the value of “I” without being selfish. I feel more confident in my abilities to succeed. This course was a confidence booster and a major encouragement to seek further success on the civilian side.
Organizations or companies who would like to sponsor a session ($1,500) or scholarship a veteran ($2,500) will receive $1,000 of digital advertising from Beacon Media,, with 22 local print and digital newspapers with over 200,000 weekly readers.
For more information about the course, contact Cindy Bengtson at or go to
Leadership Pasadena is a hands-on, community leadership program that provides intensive leadership training and immerses participants in Pasadena’s rich history, government and world renowned organizations and institutions. This is a unique program for those who want to play an active role in Pasadena’s future. A new Community Leadership Course for Veterans will help veterans successfully transition into their post-military, civilian life by serving and leading again through community service leadership.

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