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Backed by $230.5 Million in Metro Money, City Committee Reviews 19 Possible New Transit Projects for Pasadena

Published on Monday, September 12, 2022 | 6:30 am

A grade separation crossing intended for this track crossing at california Boulevard to ease East-West congestion along the busy boulevard was ultimately rejected by the Pasadena City Council after construction timeline estimates showed the project could take up to four years to finish. [Google Maps]
Pasadena’s Department of Transportation has come up with a list of 19 projects – with 11 of them identified as “top priority” – which could be constructed around Pasadena with Metro money freed up after a Gold Line overpass above California Blvd. was nixed.

The ambitious plan to build the overpass to ease traffic congestion along the East-West corridor during rush hours was struck down by the City Council in October 2021 – owing to its cost and potential impact during lengthy construction.

But prior to this action, Metro had allocated a total of $230.5 million to Pasadena as part of Measure R funding to be used to complete the environmental study, design, right-of-way acquisitions, and construction of the Metro L (Gold) Line Grade Separation project.

With the overpass/grade separation project canceled last year, the City started discussions to reallocate the $230.5 million to other projects.

On Tuesday, the Department of Transportation will submit a list of projects to the Municipal Services Committee that will be forwarded to the City Council, which will in turn will submit it to Metro in order to replace the Metro L Line Grade Separation project so funding from the Measure R Mobility Improvement Project could be reallocated.

The City’s Transportation Advisory Commission already went through the project list on Aug. 24 and is now recommending its approval by the City Council.

As shown in the Department of Transportation’s report, the projects in the list are grouped into six categories: Multi-Modal Mobility Improvements, Traffic signals and Intelligent Transportation projects, Pasadena Transit System Expansion for the SR 710 Corridor, Bicycle Transportation Action Plan projects, SR 710/SR 134/I-210 Ramp Modifications, and Mobility Hubs.

Caltrans approved the relinquishment of the SR 710 Northern Stub from Union Street to Columbia Street to the City of Pasadena. The City officially took ownership of the SR 710 Northern Stub transportation network on Aug. 15, which created an opportunity to identify a new set of multi-modal projects.

The Transportation Department said these new projects are consistent with the original project list approved by the City Council, align with recent direction with Metro’s Board allowing for multi-modal projects and will make use of the transportation infrastructure right-of-way that opened up with the relinquishment of the SR 710 network.

For Tuesday’s Municipal Services Committee meeting, the Transportation Department will explain each of the new 19 priority projects, which includes these 11 top priority projects:

  • Pasadena Ave and St John Ave Roadway Network (Walnut St – Columbia St)
  • Ave 64 Complete Street Program
  • Transit Operations and Maintenance Facility
  • Columbia St (from Orange Grove Blvd to Fair Oaks Ave)
  • Orange Grove Blvd at Colorado Blvd and Orange Grove Blvd at Holly St
  • San Rafael Ave (between Linda Vista Ave and Colorado Blvd)
  • Gold Line At-Grade Crossing Enhancements
  • Continental Crosswalks
  • Orange Grove Mobility Improvement Program
  • Greenways (Bike Boulevards)
  • SR 710/SR 134/I-210 Ramp Modifications

Tuesday’s meeting begins at 4 p.m. and is accessible to community members through and via

Public comments are allowed during the meeting, and anyone who wants to make a public comment should submit a speaker card prior to the start of public comment through

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