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Bring Back the Glamour This Father’s Day

For your Father's Day gift, instead of the usual electronics, why not go with tradition and style at Piscitelli's?

Published on Thursday, June 13, 2013 | 6:13 pm

In the not-too-recent past, when Father’s Day rolls in, gifts to father’s consisted of ties, handkerchiefs, belts, wallets, shirts and suits. However, with the rise of technology, the traditional Father’s Day gift has been replaced by more whiz-bang presents that lack soul.

Piscitelli’s is aware of this, and it encourages people to bring back the old ways. Mike Amir, manage at Piscitelli’s says, “We want to remind people of the importance of Father’s Day and the way it used to be before all the electronics and the tools and all that took over. We want to bring back the glamour that Father’s Day should have.”

With all the tools and electronics fathers have accrued the past years, it is safe to say that “they have enough electronics, they have enough tools,” says Amir. What could fathers use?

“They could use a nice outfit, they could use a nice tie, they could use this and that. We also have gift certificates for those undecided ones,” says Amir.

For the gift certificates, expiration dates are put by the buyer, so it can be for two, three, or who knows how many years, says Amir. Amounts can also range from $75 and up, with no maximum really. “I had someone purchase a gift certificate a couple of weeks ago for $2,000,” says Amir.

Whether you opt to get your dad a tie, a suit, a shirt or a gift certificate, Piscitelli’s wants you to know that these traditional presents are much more meaningful than electronics or tools.

“Father’s Day I mean, people forget about Father’s Day, it used to be a big deal,” says Amir.

He also adds, “I’m a father, I’d like to feel important.”

To give your dad a truly special gift this Father’s Day, visit Piscitelli’s at 589 E Green St., or call (626) 578-7382 for more details.

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