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JPL’s Perseverance Rover Carrying 11 3D-Printed Parts to Mars

Tuesday, October 20, 2020 | 9:49 am

Always looking for ways to leverage new technologies to improve their spacecraft, engineers at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory have included 11 3D-printed metal parts on their Perseverance rover, set to touch down on Mars in February, according to JPL. The bu... More »


JPL Researcher Helps Shed Light on Erratic Hurricane Behavior

Thursday, October 15, 2020 | 1:36 pm

New research conducted by a Jet Propulsion Laboratory scientist and a team of colleagues in Alabama and Texas has uncovered an important clue toward understanding what causes hurricanes to suddenly and dramatically increase in strength as they make landfall in... More »


JPL Designs ‘Transforming’ Robot Rover for Planetary Exploration

Tuesday, October 13, 2020 | 2:03 pm

? Engineers at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory unveiled a new type of robotic rover Tuesday that is capable of splitting itself in two to access steep cliffs and other hard-to-reach places on other planets in search of scientific discoveries, according to JPL... More »


JPL: Mars Makes Closest Approach to Earth in 17 Years

Monday, October 12, 2020 | 5:19 pm

Skywatchers will be treated to their closest view of Mars in 17 years on Tuesday night, according to NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. The Red Planet will be seen hanging low in the southern sky as it reaches “opposition,” meaning the Sun and Mars are on oppos... More »


JPL’s Perseverance Mars Rover to Peer Beneath Surface of Red Planet

Thursday, October 8, 2020 | 3:00 pm

When the Jet Propulsion Laboratory-built Mars Perseverance Mars rover lands on the Red Planet in February, it will not only roam the surface in search of signs of ancient life but also peer underground with a first-of-its kind ground penetrating radar system, ... More »