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City Moves Forward With Plans to Apply for State Money to Loan to Property Owners Who Want to Build ADUs

Published on Monday, June 13, 2022 | 7:31 pm
Single Family ADU. Photo courtesy City of Pasadena

The Pasadena City Council adopted a resolution approving the city’s submission of an application to the California Housing Finance Agency (CALHFA) to provide grants related to predevelopment costs for the construction of accessory dwelling units.

CalHFA is currently accepting applications from cities to become approved lenders for its accessory dwelling unit (ADU) grant program.

The program provides up to $40,000 to reimburse income qualified homeowners who participate in a local government ADU loan program, for pre-development and non-reoccurring closing costs associated with the construction of an ADU.

The adoption of the resolution enables the City to submit an ADU application to the CalHFA program to become an approved lender and allows reimbursement of pre-development costs incurred by participants in the 2nd Unit ADU Program.

In 2020, the department launched the 2nd Unit ADU Program. The pilot program offered homeowners comprehensive assistance to finance, design, permit, and construct new ADUs.

Through the program, homeowners could apply for a loan of up to $150,000 to construct a new ADU in their backyard or convert their garage, with a requirement to rent the unit to a Pasadena rental assistance client for seven years.

Low income homeowners could also apply for a $75,000 loan to bring an illegal garage conversion up to code.

Two other items on the a PUSD crossing guard contract and an item, relating to outdoor dining were pulled, but were passed by the council.

Here are the remaining items on Monday’s consent calendar:

• Approval of Pasadena assistance fund grant awards for program year 2022. On March 1, 2013 the city transferred $1.7 million from the Human Services Endowment Fund to the Pasadena Community Foundation (PCF) to create the Pasadena Assistance Fund (PAF). The PAF represents a partnership between the City and PCF to serve the local community. The PAF is an endowment fund managed by PCF. The city retains authority over awarding grants from earnings generated by the fund. All donations to the endowment become part of the principal and remain in the fund in perpetuity. Profits are grown from the principal through investment tools utilized by PCF. Those profits are then granted to Pasadena non-profit agencies that provide services to Pasadena residents. Since inception, the fund has grown to over $-3.25 million, and has awarded over $450,000 to Pasadena non-profit agencies. Those who wish to donate to the PAF endowment fund may do so at the PCF website

• A five-year $1,880,965 contract with NTT America, Inc. to provide Microsoft Teams phone system and Genesys Cloud Contact Center implementation, including a dialing plan. Current systems are nearing their end of life and maintenance could lead to extended down time making the new contract necessary.

• Annual purchase order contracts with the City of Glendale for the monitoring, maintenance, and upgrades of the City’s radio system by Motorola Solutions, Inc. in an amount not to exceed $327,704 per year, or the grand total amount of $1,802,119. In 2008, the City Council authorized the purchase of a radio system to replace the city’s aging radio communications infrastructure to enable reliable mission critical radio services for both public safety and public services, including the . Police, Fire, Water and Power, Public Works, Transportation, Public Health and Planning Departments. In October 2012, City Council approved the first three-year monitoring and maintenance contract with Motorola that provides remote monitoring, notification, on-site maintenance, and security update services on the new radio system.

• A one-year contract with Presidio Networked Solutions Group LLC for the implementation of a Mobile Workforce Management Solution in an amount not to exceed $160,188. Department of Information Technology (DolT) staff is looking to adopt a Mobile Workforce Management Solution, which secures mobile devices used by City staff in the course of City business; protects the City network from threats that may be presented from mobile devices; and enhances remote connectivity through a Virtual Private Network (“VPN”) environment with more seamless access to City resources.

• A $117,909 purchase order contract with Triangle Sports for program and event trophies, medals and awards. The Parks, Recreation and Community Services Department (PRCS) offers a wide range of recreational programming and community services events. Recreation programs and activities include but are not limited to: youth sports leagues (basketball, flag football, volleyball, and soccer), cheer and boxing. Community Services cultural events include the Black History parade and festival and the Latino Heritage parade and festival. To recognize participants in our programming, PRCS purchases a variety of trophies, medals and awards. Over the past three years, the Department has utilized multiple vendors and spent an average of $24,997 per year.

• A contract award to all city management services for crossing guard services at select Pasadena Unified School District sites. Since 1998, the City has funded crossing guard services for the Pasadena Unified School District (PUSD) to promote safety on streets near designated elementary, middle, and high schools throughout Pasadena. Crossing guard services are complemented by a comprehensive series of traffic measures designed to promote school area pedestrian safety which include: warning signs and street markings; variable speed limit signs; flashing yellow beacons; stop signs; removing visibility obstructions; parking controls; and curb-use zones. Crossing guard locations are selected based on factors such as volume of traffic and pedestrians at times when children are coming to and from designated school sites.

• Authorize amendment to Purchase Order 1221661 with Maxim Health, increasing the value of $74,999 by $100,000 to a revised not-to-exceed amount of $174,999 for the duration of FY2022. Since the onset of the pandemic in March 2020, the Pasadena Public Health Department has been steadfast in leading the community through the COVID-19 public health emergency. High workloads and a competitive marketplace demand for qualified nurses has made hiring and retaining nurses a challenge. During this time, the Department contracted for additional nursing services to support staff efforts in a variety of pandemic response activities including vaccination clinics, case investigation, and contact tracing. Contracted nursing services has provided the Department flexibility to expand and contract operations to align with the demands of the pandemic response.

• Contract award to NoHo Constructors for McKinley School Pickleball and Tennis Courts project for an amount not-to-exceed $217,625. The City has seen a substantial increase in public demand for pickleball facilities and identified the courts at McKinley Middle School as a possible location to increase the number of courts within the City for its residents. Located at 325 South Oak Knoll Avenue, McKinley School has four existing·tennis courts that have not been used in five years due to their dilapidated condition. The concrete courts are severely cracked and the protective court surfacing and striping have deteriorated to an unplayable condition. Partnering with Pasadena Unified School District (PUSD) for the renovation of the sports courts will provide greater recreational opportunities for the City..

• A $1,608,721 contract award for Cybertech Construction Company for Fire Station 38 renovation and seismic retrofit. In May 2020, a Tier 3 structural analysis was performed. The study found Fire Station 38 did not meet the objectives recommended for essential facilities and structural retrofit and upgrades would be required. The scope of work for this contract includes strengthening the wood shear walls and their foundations, reinforcing the roof sheathing, and installing additional bracing and anchors to non-structural essential components. Additionally, there will be extensive renovations to the kitchen, living room, restrooms, offices and dorms including, but not limited to, removal and replacement of flooring, ceiling tiles, lighting, furniture, appliances and cabinetry; converting the shared dorm space into individual dorms; ADA improvements; installing new HVAC equipment and IT infrastructure; performing electrical improvements that meet Title 24 requirements; and re-roofing.

• A 3-year contract with Vital Medical Services, LLC for an amount not-to-exceed $832,000 which includes a 10% contingency of $76,000 to provide non-emergent medical services to inmates housed in the Pasadena city jail. Vital Medical Services, LLC has been the sole provider of medical services for the Pasadena City Jail’s inmate population since 2015. Vital is the only vendor currently available to provide on-site, non-emergency medical services, including pre-booking medical clearances screenings for Type 1 jail facilities in Los Angeles County. This has been confirmed through market research pertaining to on-call medical services for Type I jail facilities. Additionally, due to guidelines set by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department (LASO) in response to the recent COVID pandemic, an increased number of inmates are required to be assessed and medically cleared before being transferred to any LA County Jail facility to minimize the exposure risk in the County’s jail system. These guidelines mandate any inmate exhibiting symptoms or who has expressed a potential for being exposed to COVID-19, be medically cleared prior to transfer to their facility. Many of the same pandemic guidelines followed at the LA County facilities also apply to inmates remaining in the Pasadena City Jail

• A resolution approving the Fiscal Year (FY) 2023 General Fee Schedule. Each year, as part of the annual budget adoption process, the City Council adopts a resolution approving the General Fee Schedule. Consistent with California law, Pasadena Municipal Code Section 1.08.070 states that the amount of any fee established by resolution of the City Council shall not exceed the cost incurred by the City i’11 providing the service, use, action, or item for which the fee is charged. Examples of cost of service-based fees include processing land use approvals, building permits, and entrepreneurial-type services. The General Fee Schedule also includes non-cost of service-based fees such as facility rentals and fees to participate in recreation programs.

• Utilization of public right of way for outdoor dining. Since March 2020, as restaurants faced COVID-related restrictions impacting their business operations, many cities utilized the public right-of-way to accommodate outdoor dining so that restaurants could remain open. Pasadena expanded upon its existing programs in accordance Sidewalk Dining on Public Walkways, to allow for additional outdoor dining within private parking lots and on city streets. The selected locations for dining activities within city streets are evaluated by the Department of Transportation based on existing traffic flows, speeds, parking layout, and striping configurations. The areas are enclosed by traffic barriers such as concrete K-rails, water barrels, and/or meridians, purchased and deployed by the City for safety purpose.

• Amendment to the 2022 state legislative platform to include support for legislation that supports efforts to improve access to programs and services for mental and behavioral health, including frameworks that help people with mental health and substance use disorders get care and support. At its May 24, 2022 meeting, the Legislative Policy Committee recommended the City Council approve the staff recommendation to amend the 2022 state legislative platform as described in the report. The committee also discussed adding similar language to the federal legislative platform. Staff conferred with the city’s legislative advocate and confirmed there are no active bills in Congress related to mental and behavioral health. Staff will continue to monitor federal legislation and will return to Council with federal legislative platform recommendations in the future.

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One thought on “City Moves Forward With Plans to Apply for State Money to Loan to Property Owners Who Want to Build ADUs

  • One of the big reasons one needs a loan is because ADU fees in Pasadena are outrageously expensive. If Pasadena really wants ADU and non permitted older ADU housing they should make their fees more in line with other city’s.




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