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Healthy Alternatives from Stonefire Grill

To help you overcome your calorie sticker-shock Stonefire Grill has come up with a menu that is easy on calories but big on taste

Published on Wednesday, June 8, 2011 | 12:10 pm


Market Manager Justin Lopez explains the virtues of the Sesame Glazed Salmon

I’m sure that it hasn’t escaped your notice (I’ve tried but I’ve noticed!) that many of your favorite restaurants now have the calorie counts next to your favorite dishes (who knew that a Big Mac had 576 calories-yikes!). It’s enough to make you lose your appetite-almost.

To help you get over your calorie sticker-shock Stonefire Grill has come up with some tasty alternatives to those calorie-laden dishes and they’re good too! It’s not often you can say that something low cal is good.

Take for instance the cheeseless grilled veggie pizza. Cheeseless? Are you serious? I mean half of the reason I eat pizza is for the gooey melting cheese-am I right? But this cheeseless pizza was actually good. It had a thick spicy sauce and the

Italian Chopped Salad with chicken and Cheeseless Veggie Pizza

veggies were grilled until caramelized which lent a bit of sweetness to the pizza. I am happy to say that I did not really miss the cheese (well maybe a little).

Two of Stonefire’s salads are also on the healthy alternatives list: the Italian chopped chicken salad and the spinach salad. Again the trick here is what most of us already know and that’s you must order the dressing on the side. And with the spinach salad a request for half the cheese is needed to bring these tasty salads in at around 500 calories for the whole petite salad. Portion size is also important. Don’t expect to order the BIG salad and stay within a petite 500 calories.

For meat and fish Stonefire offers a choice of their mesquite BBQed tri tip, mesquite boneless, skinless chicken breast or sesame glazed salmon. Serving size here is 4 ounces. All of their offerings were well-prepared and had that smoky mesquite taste that goes so well with grilled meats.


Mesquite BBQ Tri Tip and Seasonal Grilled Vegetables

The winner on the healthy alternatives menu as far as I was concerned was the grilled vegetables topped with feta cheese. A healthy portion of these delicately grilled veggies was only 110 calories and that was with the cheese. The assortment of vegetables change seasonally, I had zucchini, tomatoes and red bell pepper and they didn’t skimp on the feta cheese. This was a delicious addition to the chicken breast.

Another side dish was the single-serving size of the cowboy beans which you’ve just got to have if you’re ordering the tri-tip. Topped with fresh cilantro, these beans were slightly sweet, tart and just a bit smoky.

Because I ate all my vegetables and was so virtuous I felt perfectly entitled to the fabulous piece of carrot cake I was offered (NO carrot cake is not on the healthy alternatives menu). Yum-yum good.

The Stonefire Grill has many locations but the restaurant in Pasadena is located at, 473 N. Rosemead Boulevard. They offer take-out and catering and can be reached at (626) 921-1255 or on the web at

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