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LIVE BLOGGING WITH EDDIE RIVERA| Dodgers Lose Another Heartbreaker to Philly, 12-10

Published on Friday, May 13, 2022 | 11:54 pm

DODGER STADIUM-The team with a losing record played like world-beaters and the home team was simply soundly beaten, in a game that saw the Phillies (16-17) easily take advantage of every opportunity, while Dodgers blew as many as they could manage.

Walker Buehler had a rare rough meeting, with the Phillies, as they did last night, scoring early and often, banging out a total of 15 hits.

Bryson Stott drove in two runs in the second inning as the game seesawed back and forth. But when opportunities presented themselves, it was the Phillies who prevailed.

Down 9-7 in the ninth, Justin Turner launched a rocket into the left field stands to tie the score.

Alas, in the tenth, after Harper was walked intentionally, Castellanos doubled, and in came Harper.

To add insult to injury, Castellano stole home when a throw to third from Barnes skipped past Turner. The Dodgers scored once in the bottom of the tenth, but it was all they had in their pockets tonight.

The Dodgers will face Philadelphia twice more this weekend. That’s on them.

Here’s how we blogged it:

Game Time: 7:10 p.m.
Temperature 75 Degrees


Kyle Schwarber is 0-1. 0-2. Bye now.

Alec Bohm singles to short center.

Bryce “Boo Birds” Harper gets to 0-2 successfully. He is shot down at first. Schwarber (no relation) scampers, as they say, to second.

Nick Castellanos is at 2-0. He is at 2-1, so to speak. He grounds out to short, and the Phillies run out of outs.

Phillies O, Ay viene los Dodgers.


Mookie (no relation) Betts takes 0-1, so to speak. 1-1. 1-2. 1-3. Happens to the best of them.

Fan Favorite Freddie Freeman (say that three times fast) is at 2-0. He loses the race to first, and not in a good way.

Trea “Smooth Slide” Turner be at 1-1. 2-1. (Your Spectrum TV broadcast is about a full minute behind the actual game.) 2-2. Dodgers go quietly, whatever that means.

Dodgers 0. Phillies 0.


Realmuto (no relation) grounds out, way out.

Rhys Hoskins singles to short center.

Odubel Herrera singles to left.

Johan Camargo is at 1-0. 2-1. Freeman makes a leaping grab at first. Camargo is so out.

Bryson Stott singles to left, scoring Hoskins and Herrera.

Schwaber (not the popular breakfast drink) has a full count. He flies out to a charging Bellinger.

Phillies 2, Dodgers 0.


Max Muncy gets to 1-0. 2-1. He flies out to third.

Justin Turner grounds out to first.

Cody Bellinger is at 1-1. 1-2. He flies out to center.

Phillies 2, Dodgers 0.


Alec “The Bohm” Bohm gets caught at first.

Harper doubles to deep left.

Castellanos is at 1-1. 1-2. Done, per se.

Realmuto is out at first. The jam is out of.

Phillies 2, Dodgers 0.


Chris Taylor sends the first Gibson pitch into the left field stands.

Gavin Lux shot down at first.

Austin Barnes be at 1-1. He doubles to center field.

Betts doubles to center, and scores Barnes.

Freeman is at 2-1. 2-2. He is Walking on Sunshine.

There is a chat show on the mound.

Trea “Dyna Glide” Turner is at 1-1. 2-1. 2-2. He flies out, and moves Mookie to third.

Muncy is at 1-1 with a runner over there, and another runner over there. 1-2. 2-2. The count be full. Muncy singles past second, and scores Mookie.

Justin Turner doubles and brings his buddies home. Bellinger flies out. Damage done.

Dodgers 5, Phillies 2.


Hoskins is at 3-1. He flies out to Mookie.

Herrera doubles to center

Camargo flies out to short center.

Stott is at 2-0. He singles, scoring Herrera.

Schwarber (not the building material) is at 1-0. 2-0. He bangs one into right, and the score is tied.

Bohm is at 3-1. He sends one up the middle for a single.

Here comes “Boo Bird” Harper. He gets walked. There is a chat show on the mound.

Castellanos is at 1-1. He flies out to center.

Dodgers 5, Phillies 5.


Taylor singles to left.

Lux is out at first. Taylor says hello to second.

Barnes singles and scores Taylor.

Betts is at 1-1. He flies out.

Freeman singles and moves Barnes to third.

Dyna Glide is at 2-1. 2-2. Done.

Dodgers 6, Phillies 5.


Realmuto flies out to Mookie.

Hoskins is strickened out.

Herrera is done.

Dodgers 6, Phillies 5.


Muncy is at 0-2. 1-2.

Turner flies out to second or thereabouts.

Belinger strikes way out.

Dodgers 6, Phillies 5.


Alex Vesia (no relation) is on the hill for the Dodgers.

Castellanos is at 2-2. He singles to left.

Stott is at 2-1. 3-1. He gets walked. Castellanos leases second.

Chat show on the mound.

Schwarber (not the legendary curler) is at 2-0. Vesia loads the bases. Not in a good way.

Evan Phillips now pitching for Los Doyers.

Bohm “The Bohm” Bohm is at 1-1. 1-2. 2-2. He flies out, and scores Castellanos.

Harper is at 1-1.2-1. 2-2. He singles Stott home. Its Thursday night come calling.

Castellanos (Again?) gets to 1-1. He singles and brings home Schwarber.

Realmuto gets walked.

Hoskins is at 0-1. He actually gets stricken out, but not before a miserable pitching performance from Phillips. It’s feeling like a loss. Anything can happen, however.


Taylor flies out to center.

Lux is at 2-1. 3-1. 3-2. Bye.

Barnes races to first after an error at third.

Mookie singles, and Barnes dashes off to third.

Chat show on the mound.

Fan Favorite Freddie Freeman is at 2-0. 2-1. 3-1. 3-2. He walks. Bases loaded.

Trea Turner is hit by a pitch. Mookie comes home.

Muncy is at 2-0. 2-2. And a wicked strikeout, not in a good way.

Phillies 8. Dodgers 7.


Herrera is walked by Tommy Kahnle.

Camargo is at 1-0. He is way struck out.

Stott is at 1-0. 2-0. 3-0. Walk.

Kyle Schwarber (not the regional sales manager for FrickFrack) is up. 1-0, of course. He flies out to Freeman and Herrera get caught off second.

Phillies 8, Dodgers 7.


Turner strikes out.

Bellinger is at 3-0. He strolls to first.

Chat show on the mound.

Nick Nelson pitching for the Phillies

Chris Taylor is at 1-1. Taylor gets naught.

Lux is at 0-1. 1-2. Sssshhhhh.

Phillies 8, Dodgers 7.


Phil Bickford pitching for the Doyers.

Bohm flies out to Mookie.

Boo Bird Harper homers to right on Bickford’s first pitch.

Castellano flies out.

Realmuto is out.

Phillies 9, Dodgers 7.


Barnes is done.

Mookie goes down swinging.

Fan Favorite Freddie Freeman is out at first.

Phillies 9, Dodgers 7.


Craig Kimbrel on the mound for Los Doyers.

Hoskins climbs to 0-2. Done. Swinging, man.

Herrera is at 1-2. Swinging.

Camargo is at 1-2. He nicely ekes out a very slow single.

Stott is now at 0-2. 1-2. He singles and Camargo gets to second on a bobble by Muncy.

Schwarber (not the lunch meat) is at 1-0. 2-0. 2-1. 3-2. Kimbrel looks to the sky. It doesnt fall. Schwarber gets thrown out at first by Kimbrel.

Phillies 9, Dodgers 7.


Juerys Familia (no relation) is on the Philly mound.

Trea Turner is at 0-1. 0-2. 1-2. 2-2. 3-2. He puts one right up the middle.

Max Muncy, currently slumping, is at 1-1. He singles, but Trea Turner is out at second.

Justin Turner is at 1-1. 2-2. He homers to left, scoring his buddy Muncy. I could feel the press box shaking.

Bellinger gets to 1-2. 2-2. 3-2. He goes down with a very late afterthought swing.

Taylor is an 0-1 person. 1-1. He flies out to deep left, and the fireworks will be cancelled.

Dodgers 9, Phillies 9.


Brusdar Graterol pitching for the Doyers.


Bohm is out at first.

Harper is walked intentionally, not in a good way.

Castellanos doubles, and in comes Harper.

Castallanos steals home when a throw to third from Barnes skips past Turner. Yes, it’s as bad as it looks.

Hoskins strikes out.

Phillies 12, Dodgers 9.


Francisco Morales pitching for Philadelphia.

Lux is at 2-0. 3-0. 3-1. “Walking on Sunshine.”

Barnes sees 1-0. Chat show on the mound. Barnes is “Walking…”

Betts is at 1-2. He hits into a double play, and Lux comes home.

Fan Favorite Freddie Freeman is at 0-2. He gets walked.

Trea Turner grounds out to second, and the Dodgers lose one they didn’t deserve to win.

Phillies 12, Dodgers 10. FINAL

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