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LIVE BLOGGING WITH EDDIE RIVERA | Dodgers Stop Disinterested Tigers, 5-1

Listless Tigers do little to help their cause

Published on Friday, April 29, 2022 | 6:21 pm

DODGER STADIUM—The Los Angeles Dodgers jumped back on the victory track with a 5-1 victory over a lethargic Detroit Tiger team, currently languishing early in the season with just exactly twice as many losses as LA.

Justin Turner’s offense returned for the evening, as did Doger pitching, with starter Tyler Anderson having a strong start, as did relievers Phil Bickford and Reyes Moronta having strong performances.

Detroit managed only a weak min-rally in the top of the third on a single from Baez that scored Barnhart.

Barnhart himself seemed to typify the lethargic Detroit performance in the 5th inning he was caught leaning towards second on a line drive hit right at Freeman. Freeman caught the drive and strolled over to first to force Barnhart out. Barnhart barely hurried back, as Freeman handled the double play. It was that kind of a night for the Tigers.

The Tigers return to Dodger Stadium Saturday and Sunday.

Game Time 7:10 p.m. 64 degrees


Derek Hill flies out to center, and then returns to the dugout, wondering about what could have been…

Robbie Grossman is 0-1. 1-2. 3-2. He is strickened out.

Javier Baez (no relation) is at 1-2. He flies out to right.

Tigers 0, Dodgers coming up.


Mookie Betts be at 0-1. Suddenly, its 2-2. He flies out right over to right field.

Freddie (no relation) Freeman finds himself at 3-1. 3-2. And still 3-2. He is walking on sunshine.

Trea “Cool Slide” Turner takes a strike as Freman steals second. No charges filed. Turner is at 0-2.

Turner flies out, sending Freeman to third-ish.

Justin Turner homers on 0-2, bringing home Freeman. It’s Turner’s first home run this season.

Muncy grounds out to First.

Dodgers 2, Tigers Nope.


Perennial All-That Miguel Cabrera is at 2-1. He flies out to center.

Austin Meadows is at 1-1. He lays down a bunt and assumes first.

Spencer Torkelson, if that’s his real name, is at 1-0. 1-1. He is totally strickened out.

Jeimer Candelario hits one right to Freeman at first, thanks very much.

Dodgers 2, Tigers still Nope


Will Smith be at 0-1. He loses a foot race to first.

Cody Bellinger is so struck out.

Chris Taylor homers on the first pitch, to deep center field.

Dodgers 3, Tigers 0.


Schoop flies out.

Derek Hill is hit on a throw from Anderson, on his way to second. He’s out. Barnhart stays at first.

Baez singles, scoring Barnhart.

Cabrera flies out to a leaping Lux.

Dodgers 3, Tigers 1.


Betts is at 3-1. 3-2. Walking on Sunshine.

Freeman is at 1-1.He is at 2-2. He singles, and Betts scampers off to third base.

Trea Turner is at 2-0. Runners on first and third. There is a chat show on the mound.

Turner flies out, and Mookie races home. Tyler Alexander is done.

Willy Peralta now pitching for Los Tigres.

Justin Turner is at 1-1. 2-1. He strikes out.

Max Muncy flies out to left.

Dodgers 4, Tigres 1.


One hit, but the Tigres go without a meow.

Dodgers 4, Tigres 1.


Will Smith is at 2-1. Walking on Sunshine.

Bellinger is at 3-1.

Taylor strikes pretty much out.

Lux is at 1-2, and Smith is leeaannnning…..

Lux singles and Smith goes to second.

Betts is at 2-0. He splits the defense and Smith comes home, with Lux now at third.

Freeman, with runners at the corners, flies WAY out to right.

Dodgers 5, Detroit 1.


Barnhart has a full count. He singles to right field.

Hill grounds to Freeman at first, and Barnhart is caught off base. Two done.

Grossman is out at first.


Trea Turner is out at first.

Justin Turner is also out

Muncy thinks he is walked, he is strickened out.

Dodgers 5, Tigres 1.


Evan Phillips now pitching for Los Doyers.

Baez is at 0-1. 0-2. Done.

Cabrera is at 3-1. 3-2. Done.

Meadows flies out to Bellinger.

Dodgers 5, Tigres 1.


Will Smith singles.

Taylor strikes out.

Lux is at 1-1. 1-2. Gone.

Dodgers 5, Los Tigres 1.


Phil Bickford (no relation) is now pitching for the Dodgers.

Torkelson flies out to right.

Candelario is so out at first.

Schoop is at 2-0. 2-1. Way out.

Dodgers 5, Tigres 1.


Betts flies out to center.

Freeman is thrown out at first.

Trea Turner has a full count. He is Walking on Sunshine.

The other Turner takes a ball, and Trea Turner races to second, successfully stealing it. Once again, no charges filed.
Turner is at 1-2. A wild pitch glances off Barhnahrt’s glove and T. Turner scampers to third.

Justin is out at first.

Dodgers 5, Tigres 1.


Brustar Graderol now pitching for Los Doyers.

Barnhart down on three pitches.

Hill is at 1-1 , 1-2, 2-2. Gone.

Robbie Grossman flies out to left.

Dodgers 5, Los Tigres 1.


Muncy, Designated Dude, is at 0-2. He is apparently the designated  strikeout dude.

Smith is at 1-2. 2-2. 3-2. He flies way out to second.

Bellinger grounds out to first.

Dodgers 5, Tigres 1. Still.


Reyes Moronta pitching for the Dodgers.

Baez singles.

Cabrera gets to 1–1. Hits directly into a 4–6–3 double play.

Meadows is out at first with some nifty fielding.

Dodgers 5, Tigers 1. FINAL

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