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Opinion: Shooting Investigations Don’t Diminish Everyday Racial Profiling Concerns

Published on Thursday, April 12, 2012 | 4:36 pm

Open Letter to Mayor Bill Bogaard, Chris Holden, City Council and Pasadena Community:

While the community respects and applauds the numerous investigations being conducted by various agencies, it does not diminish our everyday concern about racial profiling and Police Practices in Pasadena including Secure Community issues.

Tuesday’s show of solidarity and support on the steps of City Hall by our diverse Pasadena community was for transparency and justice for Trayvon Martin and Kendric McDade, and a statement about the state of affairs in Pasadena and around the country. It was a call for close look at our Police Policies, and Procedures that may have been a contributing factor to the death of Kedric McDade and at the legal system that is charged with bringing criminals to justice in a court of law.

Community advocate Martin Gordon shown speaking at a rally honoring Trayvon Martin and Kendrec McDade held on April 10, 2012, on the steps of Pasadena City Hall. [Photo: James Macpherson]


A diverse group of agencies/individuals met with the City Manager Michael Beck and our Chief of Police Phillip Sanchez on Wednesday to outline many of the community’s concerns and ask for the some immediate clarity on policies, procedures and protocols that are currently in place in the Pasadena Police Department surrounding use of force, hot pursuit, code 3 protocol and manual activation of recording devices to name a few.

Although the community wants and is entitled to a detailed accounting in the McDade shooting we understand that specific facts of the case may need to be scrutinized by the many investigating agencies before accurate information can be released. But the current protocols, policies and procedures request related to this tragedy should be released to the public forthwith.

This is not about criticizing the City or the Police Department, it is about getting at the truth and looking closely at our current policies and procedures and changing those that do not work. This analysis and the necessary changes should be done in concert with the City, Police Department and the Community.

You see the community is not the enemy here. The City works for us to serve the community. The community is a partner with the City in this endeavor.

The Community can and will have to wait for a detailed analysis of the McDade shooting but, looking at the policies, procedures and protocols in place now that may have been a catalyst to the shooting must be done now so they can be changed before we have another tragic death!!!

Martin A. Gordon
Community Advocate

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