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Pasadena Ballplayers Expect Dodgers to Win World Series; High School, College Players, Coaches Make Predictions

Published on Friday, October 27, 2017 | 5:37 am
Left: Dodgers’ Clayton Kershaw and Justin Turner; Right: Astros’ Carlos Correa and Jose Altuve

With the series now tied at 1-1, and games 3, 4, and 5 being played in Houston, we wanted to reach out to our local players and coaches, and find out what they thought about the remainder of the Fall Classic.

The Dodgers took a 3-2 lead into ninth-inning, and many expected the Astros would be going back to Texas down 2-0.

Houston scored once in the eighth, once in the ninth and two each in the tenth and eleventh innings.

To their credit, the Dodgers got two in the bottom of the tenth and one in the eleventh, but Gahr High’s (Cerritos) Chris Devenski got everyone outside of Los Angeles’ least favorite player Yasiel Puig on strikes to end what many on the MLB Network called the greatest game 2 in World Series history.

Opinions and predictions below are from some of the best our area has to offer, including two of our three Pasadena Sports Now Players of the Year in Maranatha’s Marco Martinez and La Salle’s Ethan Patrick.

Also is our PSN Baseball Coach of the Year, Matt Shupper, and PSN Pitcher of the Year, Zane Lindeman.

But it doesn’t end there, former Monrovia High CIF championship player, minor-league player and current La Salle baseball coach Eddie McKiernan makes his thoughts known, as does PCC skipper Pat McGee and his ace, Race Gardner.

For sure, one of the area’s best pitchers over the next two years, Maranatha’s Dawson Netz weighed in, as did Pasadena pitcher Alvie Castro, and Muir star football and baseball player Aryonis Harrison.

Poly’s dual aces of Matt Queen and Matt Loomis, leaders of the Prep League champs of 2016 both picked the Dodgers and you’ll read why.

We also ran into a Harvard-Westlake baseball player, who was injured, and also a member of the Wolverines football team who was in town to take on St. Francis Thursday night.

Keep in mind, most everyone we spoke to are openly Dodgers’ fans, but we’ll see who’s objectivity and astute knowledge of the game shows off when this is all over.

This reporter will not hide the fact, and to the dismay of my family that I am a Diamondbacks fan.

When I was in college, a friend, who is no longer with us (Cory Lidle) was drafted by the Arizona Diamondbacks in the Expansion Draft, and having gone to the first-ever D-Bacls game and many, many home games with Cory’s widow Melanie, I became and have remained a D-Backs fan, and would like to see the Astros win.

If I had to give a prediction, though, my money would be on the Dodgers in six or seven games, just because it seems they are deeper and have contributions from so many guys throughout their lineup.

If Los Angeles wins, I’ll begrudgingly be happy for my family and friends who have waited 30 years for it, as well as one of sports’ most classy athletes in Clayton Kershaw.

Quick and crazy story about the last time the Dodgers were in the World Series.

I was 18 and one night after Kirk Gibson hit the timeless ninth-inning home run off of the Oakland A’s to shock almost everyone, I had tickets to see Hulk Hogan wrestle Andre the Giant at the Los Angeles Sports Arena, in what they call a “house show.”

A parent of a Pony-Colt kid I coached said he had three tickets to game 2, and the only catch was I had to take his two sons, which was fine with me.

I still needed to give someone my tickets, and I ended up giving them to a friend named Jason Giambi, who took his father, and brother Jeremy to see the WWF (at the time), and I went on to see Orel Hershiser shut down the A’s, 6-0, if my memory serves me correctly.


Maranatha’s Marco Martinez: “I believe the dodgers will end up winning the World Series. I think this because the Dodgers just have too much depth in hitting. 1-9 will be a tough out, especially being able to DH for their pitcher which will be even better for the Dodgers with a lot of them swinging a hot bat. As well as their starting rotation being able to find holes in the Astros hitters swings. It will come down to the Dodgers bullpen to close it and smart clean baseball by the Dodgers. They will take it in 6 games.”

Maranatha coach Matt Shupper: “Game 3 is the series for the Dodgers. If they lose Game 3, they will not be coming back to LA to play this season. If they can win Game 3, they can play knowing that they are coming home again with a chance to take home a ring. I hate to think that a series would come down to one game especially with two teams tied with a win apiece, but for me, the Dodgers need game 3. I pick the Dodgers in 7.”

Muir outfielder Aryonis Harrison: “I think the Dodgers are going to win in five games. The Dodgers are going to win it, because of how hot they have been and how consistent the pitching has been.”

Maranatha pitcher Dawson Netz: “When it comes to the World Series, both team are going to have talent, it just comes down to experience. I know the Astros have a lot of young, talented players, but they are no match for the Dodgers, when it comes to experience in these types of situations. I personally feel that this is what will give the Dodgers the edge and ultimately the series itself.”

Poly’s Matt Queen: “Dodgers in 6. I think their pitching (starting and bullpen) is better than the Astros. Offensively, I think they’re pretty evenly matched, but the dodgers lineup is a little deeper and they’ll be able to edge the Astros out of close games (unlike last night).”

Harvard-Westlake football-baseball player: Vincent Temesvarg: “I believe the Dodgers will win in 6, because of their offensive lineup and strong pitching staff.”

Poly’s Matt Loomis: “Dodgers in 7. I think the Dodgers take either game 3 with Darvish or 5 with Kershaw, and win both 6 and 7 at home. I do have my concerns with Darvish against the Astros, as they saw him a lot when he was with the Rangers.”

La Salle coach Eddie McKiernan: “I have the Astros in 7 games. I just think Houston will win the big game on the road. They have the best road record in the baseball!”

PCC coach Pat McGee: “I’ll take the Dodgers in 7. I think Kershaw (Dodgers) wins game 5, Velander (Houston) wins game 6 and Darvish takes game 7.”

PCC pitcher Race Gardner: I’ve got the Astros in 7. These next 3 games are at home for them, and splitting the first 2 games in LA were huge for them. Their ace, Justin Verlander is a work horse and will do whatever it takes to win. Their bullpen pitches with a lot of energy and emotion. Oh, and they have the best hitter in baseball in Jose Altuve.”

La Salle pitcher Zane Lindeman: “The Astros in 6 games. The Dodgers’ bullpen looks human. The Astros have the hotter lineup. Jose Altuve, Carlos Correa and George Springer look unstoppable. I like the Astros against any pitcher other than Clayton Kershaw.”

La Salle shortstop Ethan Patrick: “I pick the Astros in 7 games. I think the Dodgers’ bullpen is beatable. Alex Bergman is swinging the bat well, and Jose Altuve is just such a reliable and consistent player. The Dodgers can only win with Kershaw on the bump.”

Pasadena pitcher Alvie Castro: “In my opinion, the Dodgers will end up winning the World Series. The reason why is because the Dodgers have a deeper bullpen and they like to work the count and they make the pitcher work harder. Tthey look for their pitches and don’t chase out of the zone. CT, JT, Seager at the top of the line up are key players that work the count and of course 4-9 as well, but those 3 guys are key. Yes, Houston has Correa, Altuve, etc but they aren’t as deep as the Dodgers. Los Angeles has much better pitching, not just the starting rotation, but they are deep in the bullpen and have one of the best closers in the game right now. Dodgers in six.”

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