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Rose Bowl Plans to Hold Additional Major Events This Year

Published on Tuesday, March 19, 2024 | 5:46 am

The Rose Bowl Operating Company (RBOC) is seeking approval to increase the allowed number of major “displacement” events at the Rose Bowl Stadium and Brookside Golf Course this year.

On Tuesday, the Economic Development and Technology Committee will hear a presentation and discuss the recommendation before passing it on to the full City Council.

The RBOC proposal recommends hosting up to 25 displacement events per calendar year until December 31, 2033, citing financial stability and economic benefits for Pasadena as key reasons for the request.

In an Agenda Report, the RBOC said the current Arroyo Public Lands Ordinance limits displacement events to 15 per year unless authorized by the City Council. The RBOC argues that hosting more than 15 events is crucial for financial viability, especially in meeting bond debt obligations from the 2012 stadium renovation project.

Financial reports indicate that the Rose Bowl is financially viable when hosting 22 or more displacement events annually. Limiting the events to 15 per year would result in a financial deficit for the Rose Bowl, impacting its ability to invest in preventative maintenance and meet long-term financial obligations, the RBOC said. 

The report showed Pasadena is able to collect higher sales tax and bed tax revenues during years when more events are held in the Rose Bowl – economic benefits that “revert to the City and to businesses in the City arising from significant event attendee presence in Pasadena.”

The RBOC added that hosting more events is seen as essential for attracting major events like the 2028 Olympics, professional soccer matches, music festivals, and college football events, contributing to the Rose Bowl’s reputation as a world-class venue.

In response to concerns about neighborhood impacts and event conflicts, the RBOC assures close communication with the City to minimize disruptions. The report also emphasized the successful management of past events with minimal adverse impacts on surrounding residential areas.

Addressing environmental considerations, The report said the increase in events is consistent with past operations and is exempt from California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) review under normal operations for public gatherings.

The RBOC said the proposed increase in events is expected to secure long-term contracts with music festival and soccer partners, ensuring the financial future of the Rose Bowl Stadium and Brookside Golf Course.

The EDTech Committee will review the proposal and make recommendations to the City Council for a final decision.

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